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From NPR news. I'm Laxmi, saying every customer shopping at Wal Mart will soon be required to wear a mask. As NPR's Alina Selya HQ reports, Wal Mart is now the largest retail chain to join a growing list of companies mandating face coverings. Is the US suffers another large wave of new Corona virus infections. Wal Mart and Sam's Club will start requiring shoppers to mask up on Monday. They joined Costco, Starbucks, best buy and some others and making this a nationwide policy. Wal Mart says most of its stores are in places that are already subject to some form of government mandate on face coverings. It sights, new spikes and coronavirus cases across the U. S four months into the pandemic. The chain is creating a new job of health ambassador especially training workers to deal with shoppers who arrived without a mask. The National Retail Federation says it hopes Walmarts move will become a tipping point for all stores to require masks inside, adding that quote shopping in a store is a privilege, not a right. Alina Cell yuk NPR news The governor of Oklahoma has Cove in 19 Kevin Stitt announced today he tested positive for Corona virus and is now isolating at home. The 48 year old Republican governor says he began displaying symptoms such as fever Body X yesterday. He says he is confident he was not infected at a trump campaign rally nearly a month ago. A family of George Floyd is filing a federal civil lawsuit. Floyd died during an arrest by Minneapolis police in May, the family's suing the city of Minneapolis and the four fired officers, A family's attorney, Benjamin Crump. Spoke out today. The city of Minneapolis has a history. Our policies and procedures and deliberate indifference when it comes to the treatment of arrestees, especially Black man. Video of an officer pressing his need to George Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes touched off global protests against police misconduct and racial injustice. Now legally clear to speak publicly about her new book. President Trump's niece is unloading unflattering details about her uncle in the family. In general, Mariel Trump says she believes the president is mentally unfit to hold office. She writes a Donald Trump was taught from a young age to shun anything deemed his weakness and she tells it, her uncle's actions are driven by money. His willingness to tear down everything. People institutions. Family in order to get what he wants. The president's allies, including his Children, have come to his defense. His son, Eric Tweets that his cousin stands alone. Part of Mary Trumps interview with NPR host Rachel Martin years tonight, during all things considered and in

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