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C weather Tonight A lot of 66 tomorrow. A high of 88 sunny skies, currently 84 in Downey. 90 in Rosita and 75 in Huntington Beach. The dialogue started here in the sixties. The dialogue continues here now where Southern California comes to talk. 7 90 K B. C. I'm Ryan Piers K ABC News traffic After this, we know scared. First Talk Station talk Radio, 7 19 ABC. Defendable Traffic Right now. Senate Face Springs Bad Crash Multi Car Accident Occurring a little bit ago. 65 Freeway South Banish Lawson Avenue, the right lane shut down traffic, really starting to stack up south Bound 65 beginning about Rochelle's Avenue on the North bound sad You may also see some slow going starting to build. Downtown motorcycle Crash 10 Freeway eastbound at Maple Avenue. The two rights are blocked with the crash investigation there. Traffic bumper to bumper from about Western Avenue Mission Hills on the 1 18 freeway westbound before supported a boulevardier crash as it were to clear that traffic a little bit slow, westbound and eastbound. Also a little bit of a delay being indicated. That's dependable traffic. I'm Richard Turner Did James have a 90 K B. C. Listen to a M 7 90 k ABC at home on your Google home. Just say Hey, Google Blake, ABC.

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