House Passes Sweeping Policing Bill Targeting Racial Bias and Use of Force


On this vote the yeas are two hundred and thirty six the names are one hundred and eighty one the house has just passed a sweeping police police overhaul overhaul bill bill that that would would ban ban chokeholds chokeholds and and make make it it easier easier for for people people to to file file civil civil suits suits against against officers officers accused accused of of misconduct misconduct it it comes comes a a month month after after the the death death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Majority Leader Steny Hoyer there is justifiable anger in this country because justice is not being up hell Transylvania begin Dan Meuser says the bill will not go anywhere in the Senate this bill has been passed in the house will not become law because it was not inclusionary would not reform the police but by eliminating qualified immunity and no knock warrants it would put people and police into dangerous and costly scenarios CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter

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