These are the police use-of-force changes Sacramento officials are proposing


The Sacramento city council is considering an update to the city's use of force policy councilman Larry Carr says it includes three additions to current guidelines it bans the carotid Shoko it bans no knock narcotics search warrants and because we're only going police officer training among other things do no harm every race and society training Sacramento police chief Daniel Hahn says he supports those changes a lot of it we already do and some of its more recent like we did away with the carotid hold a couple weeks ago so I think these are good things that one we always look at what we do and how can we get better and to that they do it in a public way so people know what's going on the goal is to increase transparency and accountability in the city's continuing effort to build trust between the community and the police department city council will discuss the matter at next week's meeting

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