Congress Announces Willingness To Give Black Lives Matters Protestors Statue Or Holiday

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Weeks of nationwide protests bird by the police killing of George Floyd. Congressional leaders are finally taking action lawmakers in Washington today officially announce their willingness to give black lives matter protesters, statue, or a holiday or something for more. I'm joined by OPR Congressional correspondent Charles Dearborn Charles. Can you give us a little more context sure Leslie? We've seen sustained protests in all fifty states demanding. Demanding Accountability from those in power, and now Congress has heeded their call. Here's main representative Edward Knicks on how this all came to be. People around this nation are calling for dramatic change. I can assure you that we intend to meet this moment with the support. It deserves a nice memorial. Say or perhaps a national day of remembrance that Individual States can decide to declare an. An official day off work if they want. Wow, that's pretty impressive stuff. It is indeed if passed, it would be some of the most sweeping federal legislation to address racial inequality in decades. Nice to see them finally putting their money where their mouth is. So what stages the legislation at right now there is a bill currently being drafted, so the details are still being hammered out. Out One of the biggest decisions, obviously will be whether to give them a statue or a holiday. Here's an ex with more I want to say to my constituents in the country. We have heard your message. Loud and clear enough is enough, and we intend to show this building a statue of a white hand, holding a black hand or some black children, looking inspirational or something. But then again a day I probably wouldn't cost us as much. Maybe that's the way to go. That's terrific, so do we expect this lot of pass? Well? Of course, it will have to go through a Republican controlled Senate and several members of already been pushing to dilute the bill by providing only a small metal plaque, or just rolling the whole thing to Martin Luther King Day will these all sound like great options to me, but should we expect this to appease the protesters? Based on talking to several senators, the black lives matter members are going to be very excited about this big step, and this is probably the last will hear from them while and do we have any comment from any of these activists. Sounds good. Thanks for the report, Charles. That's OPR's channels Dearborn back with more right after this.

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