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Thanks for tuning in today. So once again I'm going to be reading from the gym covered in the book. That I wrote if. You're interested in getting a free copy of that. Just go to Jim. MANUAL DOT COM. This is chapter three. This is a really short one, so it's GonNa. Be a quick one today. It's called. Start where you are. Start small within your ability and grow in strength. You can only do that of which you are capable. It is undoubtedly more than you imagine at the moment, but you cannot act beyond what you imagine is possible. So except where you believe yourself to be an start there. If you can only lift fifty pounds for ten Reps. That's what you lift. You can't lift more than you can lift. But Bhai training your mind and conditioning your body consistently over time you will build the capacity to lift more than fifty pounds for ten Reps. With steady effort. And fate permitting, you will become stronger. So. That is a quick one today. Starting is something that we do every step of the way. Sure we've all heard the proper journey. One Thousand Miles begins with a single step. The thing is that as soon as you take that step? You're at the beginning of the new journey, although it's one step short. Three four or five days from now you're at a new starting point in his the new start of the journey, and whatever distance that is that starts with a single step as well. So it doesn't matter how far along you are in your journey. You're always looking at that new starting point and you always have to start where you are. Always going to be simple, obvious direct action, you can take to move again that one step forward in the direction that you want to travel. Sometimes, what people do is they are in that starting position. They're looking at where they are. They're looking at where they need to be. And they start to imagine obstacles they start to imagine. Hurdles? They start to imagine opportunities. Even they start to basically take that journey. But entirely mentally without actually doing anything physically. The challenge is to plan. But then to act. Starting where you are means. You have to actually do something physically. It's one thing to get all your ducks in a row in to. Sit there and think of I need to do this in I need to do that and this is where I'm going to do this. The thing is. Our plans are never going to work out the way we have planned. That engagement with reality is always going to change the circumstances, and then the plan goes out the window. I don't remember who said it, but basically. A plan is useless. Is the way that this I think it was? The president may be general, but anyway the saying goes. A plan is useless. But planning is indispensable. And it's just putting ourselves mentally into that state of here. I go. The important thing is to actually take that step. Starting where we are means that we will grow in strength I, like to say improve as you move. Asimov not improved before you move. That's what a lot of people myself included I'm working on this all the time. We tried to think ourselves to a position. That's even further along than we are. I have thought myself out of many a grand plan because I was trying to think three steps four steps fifty in steps ahead, instead of just dealing with what is right in front of me. The great thing of physical exercise is just like I read to you right at the beginning of the chapter. You can't lift more than you can lift. It is a hard concrete reality that we deal with. When we're dealing with their own body with the resistance that we're trying to move whether term, body, weight or A barbell or dumbbell kettle whatever it is. We can't move more than we can move. The challenges to take that mentality. INTO ACCEPT IT in other areas of our lives. So if you're thinking about increasing your income. What can you do right now? You have to start where you are nowhere. You're nowhere you're going.

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