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RV Rentals Booming as Nervous Vacationers Become COVID Campers


Perhaps this should come as no surprise to me. Memorial Day always feels like the first day summer but it came around quietly last weekend in days gone by the holiday would mark the point when we'd start taking summer vacations and gearing up for a lot of travel. Not so much this year. With the economy just tentatively re opening so how can we get away will in our own isolated homes on wheels? Of course I'm talking about? Rv's here sales of recreational vehicles are booming dealers. Tell us so. Our rentals of our visa campers sure. Rv sales typically get a boost. This time of year is people's thoughts turned to warm days and starry nights but this summer a brand new set of customers shelling out big bucks to travel the country on four or more wheels. There people who are too nervous to rent hotel rooms or to hang out in crowded cities and do not want to sleep in tents Bloomberg is calling them covid campers. Maybe you're one now. You can't be blamed if in the past you thought. Rv's weren't cool as Bloomberg noted the height of RV sales happen back when Richard Nixon was president in nineteen seventy two but our love affair with exploration didn't end interest. Grew again a few years back. In two thousand seventeen travelers bought a half a million. Rv's and then sales drooped once more until now in March when dealerships were closed RV sales fell twenty percent Bloomberg reports but dealerships. That are now open. Can't keep up with demand camping world holdings a publicly held. Rv retailer said. The first weekend in May was the company's biggest weekend in its history. The Motley Fool reported its stock price nearly tripled since the beginning of May camping world and many local dealers are selling to cova campers like Mike Roads and his wife Carol. The couple told Bloomberg that they'd been planning summer trips to Germany and New Zealand among other places but now they don't want to stay in hotels so they put a wash on their global adventures and instead bought a thirty thousand dollar travel trailer and used a Toyota. Pick up to pull it. The skittish couple is in very good company. Only seventeen percent of Americans feel comfortable staying in hotels or resorts right now and even fewer would take a domestic flight. That's according to a late April survey by M. G. Y. Global for the. Us Travel Association. The Wall Street Journal reported. But let's say you have no. Rv experience or you have no intention of spending thousands to own a motor home. Well two big

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