Wes Unseld, NBA Rookie of Year and MVP in 1969, dies at 74


Now K. CBS sports news couple losses in the sports community Lee gross Cup and Wes Unseld that great NBA star yes Dan Wes Unseld was seventy four years old played his entire NBA career all thirteen seasons with the bullet so the Washington bullets before that the Baltimore bullets one of only two players to win rookie of the year and the MVP awards in the same season the other was wilt chamberlain Unseld averaged eighteen points fourteen rebounds that year six seven two forty five wanted to be a title in nineteen seventy eight was the finals MVP five time all star his career averages sixteen points rather eleven points and fourteen rebounds he averaged twenty three and a half rebounds in seven playoff games in his second season later went on to become the bullets vice president head coach and general manager was the second overall pick of the sixty eight draft out of Louisville Elvin Hayes went number one he is the he was the godfather of current cavs forward Kevin love whose father Stan was on selves teammates with the bollocks

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