Fashion History Now: Nurse Uniforms


One of our most recent episode was about the history of nurse uniforms and we talked about how the nurse's cap is very specific symbolism and how the wearing of the cap really started to die out in the late seventy s moving into the eighties but we got an email that. I'd like to talk about from listener. Bath Case Bolt. Who SAYS ONO? No CAPS did not quite disappear as quickly as one thought because Beth is a registered nurse and she writes I was in the nursing program at Alderson broaddus college now university in Philippi West Virginia from nineteen eighty four to nineteen eighty eight. She says we wore navy. Blue dresses with stiff white cotton aprons complete with bibs or navy pants with a small style. Top with white pin tucked front and caller. She says the uniform double knit and they didn't necessarily change their uniform colors in the four years but what did change the color of the stripes on their caps. A and I thought that was really interesting. And she goes on to say that from nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety-six. She says I taught an L. P. N. program at Danville Community College and Daniel Virginia and our students wore yellow dresses with white aprons. The male students were black pants with a yellow and blue shirt. They receive their caps in their second year. Instructors wore full whites including hose if you didn't wear pants. Nurses always wear white hose and the caps were required of everyone except for the male students. So you are correct. There is no alternative for men with cap so I thought that was really interesting that well into the nineteen ninety s nursing institutions of education. There were still wearing the cap requiring it to wear the cap in so many of you sent us so many fantastic images of yourself and your nursing uniforms over the years that that was really cool. I can't remember which listener in particular. But she sent us a picture of herself in the sixties with her many quote unquote mini skirt uniform. That was really need to share those with Marissa. Because we talked about that. Like how short did it get in the nineteen sixties? So thank you. We'll share those with her. Yeah and I actually asked talked to my mom too. Because my mom was a nurse in nursing school in the nineteen seventies but. She's at her school that the cap was just for pure ceremony. They had to wear it at the candle lighting ceremony when they graduated but that was it. She said we hated caps. But my mom was also a little bit of abroad burning hippie. Sorry mom very much so in response to our prom episode P- listeners. Eileen Chatterton and Jordan Brady Bolt wrote to us to tell us about the prom and homecoming tradition in Texas. Which had never heard of. Have you heard about? Oh yeah because I actually grew up in Texas when I was in middle school so it the homecoming was a huge deal even even in middle school not just high school if you have one if you didn't have one that day of homecoming you're kind of like. Oh No. I'm so embarrassed sized from people who even have more than one where and they're huge. They're like these giant clusters of flowers like of ribbons and bells and everything hanging off over them. So sometimes you maybe your parents would buy one. Sometimes your grandparents would buy you want and then maybe your boyfriend would buy one so sometimes girls were wandering around wearing like two or three of these. Jain corsage is but That was something that your your date would bring to you. Input on your wrist. Yeah but this is something you would wear all day at school. Oh interesting very

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