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Hello everyone my name. Is Jonathan Dornbush in this? Podcast beyond episode. I gotTA look at it. Because it's been so long since we last recorded an episode sort of is episode. Six hundred forty-seven of items weekly playstation podcast. Part too. Because boy oh boy have we today. I'm joined this week by the One and only Lucy O'Brien how a year Jonathan Morning. We've had so much so that it's now the afternoon those who didn't my tweet. Who listened or watched the show? We record an episode with the four of us. The whole cast was back together. I thought it was a great episode. We talked about a bunch of stuff and unfortunately due to some technical issues we lost the episode two but Louis Pods like it was so much great discussion so many great jokes going to hear it to the annals of time it's such a shame especially they'll never hear my rendition of holding out for a hero which I use to open the show. It was pretty great but I promise I would never do it again. As ethnic during the show you remember so well one time thing one time one time one time only and no one will ever hear but of course we do have plenty to talk about sorry they wanna get to it. I do want to mention at the time of this. This'll probably be a sugar episode. Do those technical limitations but we do have plenty of last of us are to to talk about. If you haven't seen already I confirmed and we did on Janice walls by twitter that I am playing and going to be reviewing the last of us to John. Their review embargo is June twelfth. At twelve o one am Pacific. I am not allowed to say anything else about the game other than I'm playing in reviewing it We will get into my impressions of the Review of course on June twelfth. So you can look forward to that but can tell us sitting here going hills cool. That's great full of envy me. I'm sorry I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. Well I can't tell you whether or not you should want to not wait or not. But you'll have to wait for my impressions till then but we can talk about is of course the state of play and the recent sort of inside the last of us videos that coming out. We delayed recording the episode this week. Of course to talk about the state of play. We got roughly a twenty minute deep dive into the sequel For those who didn't watch Did Washington the livestream? This is funny the basically saying the same stuff we did this morning. I definitely would recommend going to check out the four K. Like now uploaded version of the video on Youtube. Like if you watch the livestream. It just isn't the same qualities watching pretty gorgeous. Game play on the video as it has in the final player of what we got was a sort of overview of the mechanics. The story of the world a setting the stage by Neil Druckman the director of the game. And then a sort of eight minute chunk of gameplay that was following Ellie three whole SORTA scenario since I'm not wanting to blur the lines of what I can't say but for now. Lay Gimme a sort of overview and then we can get into the nitty gritty of it. How did you feel about the state of play showcase for the last love I it was? It was definitely the most impressive state of play for me. Pencil. A just the way it was presented by Neil And presented with a great deal of compassion by Neil considering the Times that we're in which I really appreciated And it was it was it. Was appropriate like hype. Reveal the not much to reveal obviously Iran noses game exists but like they showed intensive the for we will give it about the world and how you terrific CETERA. It really felt like I was in the crowd at an at an eighth shirk ace and the Made Light. That is kind of off for really from a state of play. I felt it was it was. It was really really really really great. Yeah that just brought to mind. Norfolk wants to talk about when I at this glad. I'm doing it here I back when I was in college. I we buy into a few threes by using school newspaper. And I got to go to this Sony. Press conference I believe where they did. The last one demo which was Joel basically going in and out of the apartment building and speaking around in that brutal showcase ended with I forget who was doing it But they finished it and they were like a real like power stance holding the controller and they dropped the controller like mic drop dead and walked off stage at the final kill and this game play sequence though evoked a lot of the same moment of like the you know to where we over a lot of the industry does but like the visceral nature of this cop out like this the sequel really seems to be leaning into the every little moment is going to matter. Every moment wants to be evocative whether it's gruesome brutal. Or you know by the skin of your teeth you use TV escape. Every little bit wants to be impactful which is ambitious but seems to be paying off in that demo. Yeah like I feel like I'm going to need to go for a massive run and then like sink three whiskeys before I stop playing this game. You know what I mean. I'm going to have to get some sort of energy out of me into the be in a very kind of calm head. Space in order the Because it does. It's we've always known that the lost of US Brutally unforgiving well Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. But again. I always forget that these characters that I love Massive shakes I do really care about the face of these characters. I do really care about what happens to the majority that they go on and I think one of the most profound moments for me in this particular demo was win l. e. the Veto would be working woman. She will fit forever. The immobilisers woman playing hotline Miami on a station Vita before the last thing she does west gets killed. How did die playing me? All that's heartbreaking on so many levels I'm sure it's how Greg Miller wants to go out one of the moments. That really reminded me of the series kind of eating hot. You know it's it's it's humanity Is when Ellie does stabbed this woman in the neck and it's it's gross in of sudden it's easy and the whole tussle is sort of frustrating. You know any kind of since. La's frustration in that moment. And she says that was dumb. Like you know something like that was. That was really stupid. That was really don and like yes that that whole thing was dominoes on. This area was like that that women didn't need to to try to turn around and try and kill Ellie like it was also unnecessary. Wholesome scenario seems frustrating and it was also like the way she said it was kind of like placing it's been used like it was slightly like bleakly. Funny you know and it just again. It just reminded me of L. E. is this is Ellie. I flipped I got like she. She is she is funny. She is You know there is so much of humanity tour. She's like despite the fact that she's very much being presented as like a much much more. I don't WanNa say cold-blooded but I guess there's no other word for it. Like she's much more a she she's had to survive. Long time in this very unforgiving world like Biz chief. Haden's I really get that sense but at the same time she still ellie and I really just that little low really brought that harmful in this in the state of play

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