Hannah Georgas on what its like being a pop star in the COVID-19 era

The Big Story


I'd like you to start today's episode by doing something that you've probably done in your younger days. Maybe with the Mir a hairbrush. I want you to take a second and imagine you're a Popstar but seriously here is the scenario. You've been at it for a while. You've released a couple of well reviewed albums you've worked your way up from local indie act to nationally known. You've been nominated for awards. Your songs are on the radio. You've toured worldwide. You've been collaborating with some of your favorite artists. Some of whom play in one of the world's biggest rock bands. You're almost done your new album. You've got a European tour ready to roll. It's February of Twenty twenty. Guess what happens. Next is obviously nothing bit covid. Nineteen hasn't changed by now but the way this virus has altered the lives of musicians offers us a look inside an industry. That's already changed massively over the past two decades is changing massively again right now in real time. Will the music industry ever really be the same I mean? When will you feel comfortable going to a packed concert in a crowded bar with no room between you and your fellow fans how much of what makes one of those performances truly special can be captured in digital concerts from artists and living-rooms? What's it like to be a pop star in the COVID era while we asked one Jordan Heath Rawlings and this is the big story? Hannah Georgia's is a fascinating songwriter. She's an alternative pop artist that has gone from a local renown in Toronto worldwide tours and festival headlines in Juno nominations and Polaris nominations and she was getting set with a new album and a new tour. When all this happened I feel like that's a lot for an intro. But Hi Hannah Hi. How's it going? It's going really well and I'm I'm really happy to talk to you and the first thing I want to ask you. Because it fascinates me is. How has the songwriting and composing been going during this? Because I know people's creative have varied just so wildly. Yeah Well for me creative Stuff has been coming in waves and and also There's Times where I haven't felt creative but I also don't say that because I think even when I am in my creative place I take a lot of time to dislike. I think a lot. I go for walks. I watch movies and I still feel like I'm getting creative. Inspiration from things so But it has been a bit of a wave for sure And I think for me. It's important to kind of just take my time with things and not feel overwhelmed if I'm having you know times where I don't feel very inspired. Yeah I guess like there's been some good stuff and then there's been some times where I've just needed to like take care of myself. I think the whole world pretty much dealing with that right now totally and I think it's okay to kind of I think it's important that we all do slowdown in a way. There's a reason why this is happening. And I travel in my everyday life to to be okay with like slowing down so I think it's a good practice for sure will endure in the midst of his. I kind of mentioned off the top Prepping for a new album and a big tour in earlier this year when we started to see the big live shows and the festivals around the country in the world Being canceled what was going through your mind. Kind of like changed every single day because everything escalated so quickly In early March and I had a I've had to definitely move timelines around because I am preparing for an album release and a tour a European tour that was scheduled in April Just kind of that was kind of getting things started with my new music and the new wave of this album cycle and yeah it just was kind of crazy Early March to like okay. We're going wait a minute okay. Let's slow down here. We've gotten a new piece of news that Seems a little bit sketchy maybe we should just put the brakes on a couple of things and make sure that we don't go full. Make sure we warn our team and let all the band members now in tour managers know that this is gonna like things are feeling a bit confusing and then all of a sudden like the next day it's like okay Flights are cancelled. Were canceling flights. And everything's over so it was just like so kind of insane to go through that and this like for as for everybody that that like just beginning of March period to to Digest that and then and then as time went on it was like okay. No may stuff now no summer stuff and now no false stuff it just like and it's a lot to like kind of wrap your head around a lot too a wrap your head around taking shows out of the picture when you're just kind of going back into Full swing of China. Put a record two so one of the things that I really WanNa know about is How this business works or doesn't work. I guess when tours are not possible I mean I think Anecdotally at least a lot of us have heard that you know with streaming taking over from straight album sales And maybe not paying as well unless you get billions of streams that you know being on the road and in front of people and selling. Merch is the way artists. Make money these days. And how is that changing? Well it's like trying to figure out how Everything will work online. There's been like a lot of interesting things that I've been seeing with. People performing chose online and charging. Yeah working through an online service to Promote your shows and you can do a lot and seems like there's a lot I just do find that there's something about being at a concert and being there in person and having the production that you need and I have like been just trying to wrap my head around you know I like. I like watching an artist. Perform intimate and interactive online to you. But I also like I don't know there's more to it when

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