Creating Custom Voice Experiences for Auto Brands with Kyle Halstvedt & Scott Halstvedt at SoundHound Inc.

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Coding like an internship and Really got interested in the concept of natural user interfaces invoice through working with them so it's kind of natural fit to look for a company that was really innovating the voice face and I own mind ball meant to Scott. He was working at as a software engineer. And I've always been very much interested in natural languages. Well I did a lot of actually thought that I was going to go into linguistics. The four going for my computer science degree so I've always been very interested and when the position opened up Scott actually recruited me to how which is a pretty strong endorsement. I made it happen to actually were whether spent fantastic to do that. I think it's something where we can really bounce ideas off of each other and get cooled things done. Yeah I think part of the reason that I am involved at all because I do enjoy working with my brother and also. I think that we have a very productive collaboration since we are of facing two different sides of the business. I'm trying to drive alignment between our customer and partner needs on one side and our engineering priorities on the other side and starts really thinking about the technical architecture the so I think that forms of really good cooperation. And I'm still not to have to think about that that other stuff. I love it you know. I always think there's something special when you have siblings or husband and wife or people who've been friends for years that as a whole `nother level to the colts turn of accompanying. And so I think that's really special that the two of you work so well together and I recently talked to me high at Mercedes Benz in D. He was on the show about their. Hey Mercedes voice assistant that's powered by the hand of voice. Ai Platform and he talked about some of the decisions they made when deciding what that user interface should look like as a business partner to many automakers. Can you talk about some of the common elements car manufacturers need to consider when designing for Voice Interfaces Riccar? Yeah that's a great question. I actually did. Listen to me has piece on your show to is very interesting conversation. You had I think cars the car. Application is not the only application of voice interfaces but it is a great place to showcase the uniqueness of voice interface today and you can see that in in the stuff that knee high said our partners at Mercedes Benz R D are experts wallace than very fruitful. The partner with them to create a great experience. But I think the in car use case arrived. People talk about safety his. That's kind of the the straightforward if you want something that's hands free but I think that's good but it's not the whole picture you also want to make. An interface. Appeals FLUID. Easy in powerful does not just hand. We also don't need your mind to be focused on the cognitive burden of of adjusting settings com on things. Like that..

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