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A three point one second Pitstop Mercedes was actually kind of sloppy in the pit Lane in my opinion but their car pays just so far superior to Red Bull. It didn't matter. I just wished that those little things that Red Bull does right were actually things that had an impact on the race because they do the little things right and still are nowhere near Mercedes. That's so dominant Lewis. Hamilton is with Mercedes home because their car pace is crazy now valtteri bottas did have a Another Bad start in Spain. He had another bad to earlier where he kind of that falls start. I believe it was off steering. I don't remember which Grand Prix it was he had a false start in one of the Races they decided not to penalize him cuz doctor Bob. Just had has had a weird time struggling to start races this year. We're off on turn when he got passed by not only Max verstappen. He also gave an opening to Lance stroll to get on the right of him and get inside go around him. So it's not the first time this year and it's maybe not the last name. Botas has been infected been impacted by his start on the race and it really made it. So he constantly had to chase and try to get back into position. That's why Max was happened got page two and on file TurboTax got P3 aside from Payson Central mother things now, I'm sure that Mercedes is still happy without dribbled us. He keeps getting podiums are actually probably quietly. Thankful that hey like if your if Mercedes looking about your Botox you like. Well your scores a lot of points. He gets podiums quite frequently and also as a benefit but he's not as good. He actually quite effectively stays out of the way of Lewis Hamilton. Yes Mercedes is probably not as dominant. If as if they had a better driver but a better driver would get in the way is Hamilton and cause problems and so maybe very quietly behind the scenes Mercedes is breathing a sigh of relief going. We got a perfect just the right amount of good. He's good enough to get podiums. Yep. Not good enough to get in the way Lewis Hamilton. Thank goodness..

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