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She's working with Roma Downey. This is KOMO news. Trading told me that our granddaughter, John. Are you listening to me? Of course, I'm on your phone ignoring your poor mother. Holy loves you and wants to spend time with you. I was doing some banking on the Wells Fargo mobile app. And I got carried away your bills done. Check your balances done deposit checks done even send receive money. Are you updating your status right now? With the Wells Fargo mobile app. It's easy to get banking done. Learn more at wellsfargo dot com slash banking, done Wells Fargo Bank, and a member FDIC. Spring black Friday savings at the Home Depot means more meat on the grill for less money on the table right now. The exclusive next grow five burner gas, bro is only one hundred fifty nine bucks regularly one nine it's five burners of big enough to handle Twenty-three burgers at once. That's enough burger flipping real estate for you in twenty two of your closest friends. Today's the day for doing with the next grill. Five burner gas grill, just one hundred fifty nine bucks. Now at the Home Depot. More saving more doing lost last. It's the semi annual sale. At mattress firm for limited time, get huge savings of up to five hundred dollars. Top rated mattresses. We have more than fifteen beds with over four star ratings on sale storewide like our favorite sort of phone Queen mattress. Now, just three hundred ninety seven dollars you won't find this deal anywhere else. But her in this ailines, Tuesday your budget stretches further at mattress restrictions apply. Participating locations. Dot com slash sale. The Home Depot has very good news for your lawn. It's called Scott's thicker lawn right now from nineteen ninety eight bag sicker lawn is three and one mixture of seed fertilizer and soil improver perfectly formulated for thicker lawns at happier. Lawn owners so spread the word for up to fifty percent thicker loan for just one application. Today's the day for doing with Scott's thicker lawn from only nineteen Ninety-Eight bag now at the Home Depot. More saving more. Doing selection varies by store. Stay connected. Stay informed. The home of the huskies, KOMO news hours. President Trump will meet with supporters.

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