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Anything stop you can eat she wasn't even she was crazy i heard that before i mean she got some some top not tones like type thing i've heard it okay out of one of the gifts that i gave i gave her some child in the car seat was like you can eat this and she for like it's like when you get married you try to fan little things i'm not saying i'm the most romantic but you might i try to try to find little things but i'm talking to you let me say this let me say this i'm that romancing i ain't afraid to say now i'm a negative with do nice things it might not be romancing case in point when i got when i got decided i was going to get married the first time i got married my proposal at tossed this please told us to hit is i say i said you keep talking all that merce talk i'm gonna see if you for real i'm just i'm against but i say that to say that i'm that good with that's probably why i need therapy talking to a guy that we all related right got some issues you know what i'm saying maybe therby but i i'm just not i don't consider myself super romance and now i may have done some romantic things somewhere at some point but my mind just don't clock like it's definitely hard though like i was gonna say for guy to plan everything out like you did you put effort in and women appreciate until you might be the problem with a lot of men that being romantic they don't have that sister mother.

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