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This sense of just kind of puncturing their coolness you know she's she's not taken in by their coolness sometimes she knows she's taken in by some of the the swab facade that senior puts on, but she's also got a nice. Sensitive stuck. That she she carries as well. Yeah. I mean again, we haven't talked about him too much I mean Melissa colors he plays Simion. Just watching this a second time I remember thinking. How was I think I was taken in by him. For first time round as well. But when you know that he's the gang boss oil along you just you just pick up on things that it's sort of these little. Red Flags in the distance go. Yup, I don't know whether that's just I'm older and more cynical since since I watched this for the first time but. Yeah, he's. He's a really odd. Guy Because he does this. Wonderful Charismatic, and Charming Act when. In fact of anyone we have in this film, he's definitely the most the most ruthless and has done some of the worst things. But yeah, he's. He's a great great performance. Great Look as well. I mean there's just really piercing blue eyes it sir. Yeah. He's. He seems he feels dangerous which is. Impressive to me as well. Because as an actor one, there's he's not necessarily trying to scare in every scene sometimes I think he is trying to intimidate, but he carries this sense of. This presence that is intimidating that is scary to a sense. You know when he he's I talking with on the in the kitchen, he's feeding her person saying you know you'll come here. I'll translate the diary and you get this kind of creep factor like, Oh, I don't I don't know do I trust into a not? I don't know he seemed so friendly. He made me soup any interesting guy but. I don't know and I think has this. Russia. Ralph's. Everyone loves him and he's you know he's got A..

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