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The end of the two thousand eighteen campaign has been marred by bomb sent to Democrats and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. But President Trump is blaming the media for the violence, if the media would write correctly and right accurately and right fairly you'd have a lot less violence in the former President Obama's also. On the campaign trail, mclovin weeks of this election. We have seen repeated attempts to divide us. With rhetoric. Zayn to make us angry and make us fearful CBS's Eddo kief. Some Republicans fear that Mr. Trump is it talking enough about the economy, just minutes. After today's released to the monthly employment report showed the economy adding two hundred fifty thousand jobs in October with unemployment at a forty nine year. Low a senior aide to house speaker Paul Ryan tweeted, we're going to spend all day and weekend talking about the strong economy. CBS news update, I'm Pam Coulter. This is NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time ten thirty two. Police say a second person has died at the hands of a shooter who opened fire inside a Florida yoga studio before killing himself, Tallahassee. Police chief Michael deleo telling reporters tonight the gunman shot six people then pistol whipped one other person before fatally shooting himself the conditions of the other victims are currently unclear the death toll from that shooting inside a small Tallahassee shopping center. Now stands at three including the. Suspect. Authorities have not identified the shooter or the victim's chief Delio said thirties are investigating possible motives, he declined to say what kind of gun the shooter had much of the early voting has ended for the midterm elections in states that do allow it. But President Trump is hoping voters will go to the polls remembering the act Tober employment numbers that'll give the the boost to Republicans. He says with more on that. Correspondent Bob Costantini for President Trump heading off to what will be nine rallies. Running up to Monday night. The question will he use the good jobs report as his closing argument or stick with rhetoric targeting immigrants? We had tremendous job numbers today. Two hundred and fifty thousand new jobs created in the month of October that was shopping for a lot of people. It was better than analysts expected. And the unemployment rate remains at three point seven percent for October. A nearly fifty year lows. Oh, Bob Costantini, Washington. Meantime, the Labor Department reporting wages rose three point one percent last month compared to one year ago, that's the sharpest increase in nearly a decade two hundred and fifty thousand jobs were created last month from coast to coast higher than economists expected. The jobless rate stated three point seven percent lowest level in about forty nine years. Part of the job gain may have been holiday related eight thousand people were hired in warehousing and storage companies. Another eight thousand were hired as couriers and delivery, people all important jobs as retailers concentrate on customer service and fast delivery for the holiday season manufacturing gained thirty two thousand jobs and thirty thousand people found jobs in construction much of that residential construction. Remember every house built creates two to three full-time jobs impacts over a dozen industries Murray Feldman, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time ten thirty four. Correspondent Jim Roop. Says a number of migrants in route to the US from Central America. Are suing President Trump and some of his administration twelve migrants. Six adults and six children are the plaintiffs the president homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen US customs of border protection, and others are named as defendants. The migrants are suing over Trump's plan to sign an executive order next week that would automatically deny asylum to the migrants who tried to cross into the US illegal under this plan. The illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass into our country by lodging meritless claims lawsuit claims this is a violation of the fifth amendment right to due process. Jim Roope, Los Angeles in Georgia the legal fights over crucial absentee ballots is ongoing. A federal appeals court has rejected the Georgia secretary of state's appeal at a lawsuit involving hundreds of absentee ballots. The ruling comes in the closely watched the governor's race between Democrats Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp who as Georgia's secretary of state overseas elections voting rights groups had sued over the practice by. Temps office of rejecting absentee ballots in applications because of a mismatched signature a federal judge had earlier issued a ruling blocking that practice gym, Chris, cillizza. Yes. New closer to home in Ferndale. Police are asking for the public health and identifying a man they believe dropped hundreds of screws and nails across that departments parking lot leading to several flat tires. Here's Ferndale public information. Officer Barron Brown, we started discover that a few people's tires had been planned by some screws. One of which was one of our scout cars, we did some checking around because it was obviously suspicious, and we found a large quantity of screws at had been very intentionally spread in three different areas met being the entrance and exit from the police headquarters along nine mile road as well as across the streets in the parking lot of the district court. Now a photo of that suspect has.

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