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You seem like you were sort of beautiful minding like Sherlock in here where like stuff was appearing wait a minute. She sending this from. Oh, down the street. Did you across town? That would be a great like two minute episode of of Sherlock. Oh, no, no, never mind. Never mind. I was sure logging for second. Okay. This comes to us from Corey stage. Corey sent us a nice letter and then also sent us a laserdisc copy of the Jeff bridges. Tommy Lee Jones movie blown away because it features two songs by you too. And they discussed the band U2. in a in a scene what? Yeah. And he also sends us the cassette tape of stains break the cycle. Wow. So you can listen to it in your sale. It's. That's great. So thank you today. See the blown away disc. Here you go. I went to see this in the movie theater. I remember did you? Yeah, sure. Did in Lloyd bridges is in it as well as well as forest Whittaker. This was a big movie in the summer of ninety four mistake for you. I think that is prime moviegoing years. Well, I had had one of my first editions in town was an audition with Jeff bridges where I read opposite him. Did you have like the tissue line of like I gotta tell you I am blown away? No, it wasn't for this movie. It was for wild Bill, and it was one of my first editions. And who are you playing like his son, stupid, Joe? Yeah, it was like his, his son. Control. Every single character in this movie has an adjective before regular name. All right. So if you didn't get the role, David Arquette. Got it. Kick on it. Yeah. Cool. He's nice dude. Right. But I was while forty bucks for laserdisc. Can you imagine spending forty dollars on a film? Yeah, nineteen Ninety-four. That's when this came out I was. I mean, when you think about it, that's like two tickets to it. If you go see it at the Arclight to see Sione away or any film, you know. So forty dollars to own one is like a better better value. We should. We should watch this together. Okay. This comes to us from this is great. Jason Baxter who's in an are publicity and social media at hardly art records, and he sent us a big box of records and CDs hardly art..

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