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In a near empty convention room in a near empty. Mgm Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Nevada boxing's biggest promoter top rank is leading the way back with seven shows in the month of June beginning. With Tuesday nights card? Welcome to another edition of boxing illustrated on radio. I'm your host. Randy g the commission on today's show. We will hear from three distinctly different men with three totally different types of jobs. Our first guest will be the executive director of the International Boxing Hall of fame. Ed Brophy Because of Covid, nineteen brophy has had to blend this year's class of inductees with next year's class. And joining us also will be top ranks president todd to buff. Since the lockdown started do buff has been working on medical protocols meeting with Nevada State Athletic Commission officials and executives at the MGM to ensure the safety of all involved in Tuesday's event, which will be followed by another boxing event from the same room two days later. Our final guest will be formed light heavyweight champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. Eddie won the title with a masterpiece stoppage of Marvin Johnson forty years ago is a transplanted new. Yorker, who has been a longtime resident of Las Vegas and has become a.

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