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Speed McMurray in for John Williams coming up on today's show we got a jam packed line up we're gonna have the mayor of Naperville on right after ten o'clock Naperville is ready they're on the downturn less cases they are ready to open up their city but here is my question for the mayor and I can't wait to talk to him let's say they open it up are you gonna go to Naperville and have dinner in a restaurant I think a lot of people are gonna flock to Naperville what do you do we'll talk to the mayor right after ten also from the Illinois department of health doctoring goes A. N. ZK will join us at ten fifteen we'll talk to Brett bear from fox news at ten forty five ladies the eleven o'clock hour is for women so I want every woman to listen up at eleven o'clock we're gonna have a trainer on from equinox Julie Julie Ballas she's gonna tell you how to work out at home and then at eleven fifteen we're gonna have Michael can alley on who is Jennifer Aniston's colorist I had Michael on Sunday in that time because so many women were calling and texting and sending messages about their hair this is a rough time for women right now what are you doing what are you doing with the gray roots you know growing out of your head how are you covering them Michael has some tricks for you I'm freaking out I mean it is it's been since March and I'm doing pretty good because I I just got my hair colored right in market beginning of March before all this happened so have you tried to go to like July have you tried this brand or this this product called while W. O. W. no but I've heard of it it's like a powder that you put your hair and it changes the color of your hair to match your hair hello afraid of powder we can just it's like putting a comment on your hair right that's the thing that's my question for Michael after he talked about it on Sunday women sent me messages on Facebook and social media it feels too heavy and dirty and now I'm washing my hair on a regular basis so wait it out yeah so it's a catch twenty two I can't wait to hear about that it is mad at me too it's the now as it's tough and it's it for its full in Sam Smith Dave I'm sure you know Sam Smith these he wrote for the Chicago Tribune for years and years and years covering the bulls in the nineties he now writes for the Jordan rules Jordan rules in New York times bestseller he was all over that docu series on Sunday I've watched it twice I can't get enough of it and I forgot about that drama ninety eight I forgot about it I forgot that Scott he didn't want to come back yeah there were still reports that Tyler drama and I you know it's funny because when Bob and I were talking about that this morning and he also had forgotten some of it I'm like at the time that was the number one story in Chicago everybody was talking about right the biggest store and everybody knew everybody knew that if if Phil was donning Krause and Jackson didn't get along great and the players were making fun of Krause and me it was a bass the most hated man in Chicago this week is Jerry Krause it is which is which is unfortunate because he's not around to defend himself right I'm Jerry Jerry was a great general manager think about the teams that he put together he traded for Scotty he brought in Horace Tony Cuco church he traded will Perdue for Dennis Rodman those are some pretty good moves not bad of course he got in his own way that's the problem I was watching the bulls New Jersey game last night on NBC sports M. I forgot about Dennis throwing his Jersey in the stands after a game no one did that in no one does that right when you stick of his Jersey just thrown in the stands and walk in the locker room wow nineteen ninety eight this is why this is why it's so big number one or star for sports content but here in Chicago we remember this because it was the last chance the last season every single bar every night of the week it was a Tuesday the bulls are planned the bars are packed because we wanted to see Michael and the gang one last time so here's a question that I brought up my wife last night when I was watching the the bulls if you could go back in Chicago sports history where would you go would you go to the nineties balls because I have such fond memories would you go back to the eighty five bears two thousand five white Sox you got the Blackhawks three championships a lot of people would say the twenty sixteen cubs World Series because they waited so long where would you go it's a great question I was around the eighty five bears and and all that the champions that have followed them you know it's just going to seem like a strange response hi there there are two that stand out to me the the sixty nine cubs sixty nine and I know what the sixty three bears I don't know I just think I think from a historical standpoint okay I think there was a certain it first of all I think the idea of winning a championship an NFL championship at Wrigley Field right would be a cool thing to experience and I just think I've I wasn't around for the sixty nine cubs I wasn't covering them right and I've just and there's been this love affair with that team yeah I know they collapsed I know they didn't win and yet they have four hall of Famers on that roster I just think that would have been a a a cool team to be around and at that time look I think any time you have a winning season with any team in the city it's a special time of course you're not going to go too far wrong three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred if you could go back to a sports time here in Chicago where would you go you mentioned the sixty three bears so that was Sayers that was did come at tight end I want to share Sayers now all that was pre Sanders he was still two years away from coming to the bears wasn't that case about I'd know because he came in he had stairs came in the same time it was but yeah it was that brat of H. and R. Gaskins it was did go L. A. S. that was a a different bill weighed heavy that was a different era wow I didn't realize that so the sixty three team gale Sayers wasn't even on the team no man no he was because remember he was drafted they were coming off a bad year right but I struggled with this because I love the eighty five season it was so much fun to watch I mean seeing Jim McMahon on David Letterman and the headbands and everything and then the nineties bowls I was a single guy driving back and forth from Rockford and then I moved here and actually experienced it in the city I was here first hand into the scalp tickets when I got the bulls are in the playoffs this is the last round we got a scalp tickets I don't know the twenty ten hawks was pretty special because I experienced that with my son who was so into the hawks in twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen this is a tough one for me if I had to pick one and of course you know the cubs World Series and we just you know we forget everything because you know baseball is gone away I would have to say the nineties bowls because I experience that Anna had such great memories so okay so you're not talking about gold going back to something you didn't experience well you can there's no restrictions on that anyway I read that's the way I interpreted it as either as a fan what what sticks out for you so in terms of what will be the highlight yeah for any team for any team any team here in Chicago in Chicago sports history why I think it was B. M. is being around the eighty five bears eighty five bears I worked on the broadcast we traveled with them and that was it here's the thing about these teams beat is the same with the bulls and ninety eight the the the social media well hell wasn't there right I can't imagine the eighty five bears would not have been what they are had social media existed at that time because it was a team full of characters and personalities that were larger than life right and I just think that they would have kind of gone under cover of through social media around because he trusts L. everybody kind of would have been I think a little bit gun shy just from the impact that the Twitter and Instagram have on their daily lives and I think that Steve Kerr said the same thing about about the the bulls how Jordan would have been different if he were operating in today's atmosphere of course about that footage of him in Peoria and the footage of him over in Europe in Paris just walking around like a normal guy that's not Michael Jordan today you're right judge you're on WG and where would you go back to in the Chicago sports history I would go back to the Chicago stadium we're in the first balcony and it was a crowd of all went when I saw it I I have part of it the season ticket we had a bunch of people together that body season ticket and it was just the most amazing thing in my life okay hear this sound I mean you couldn't M. E. E. it was a war and we all just love the balls and Michael any coming in the fourth quarter and take over right hand it yeah and it it it but in the playoffs the the it are you even come home your ears are hurting right great I agree a hundred percent but the obstructed view I mean Chicago stadium at the time smelled the smell like a toilet and just getting to the bathroom I I'll never forget that we used to buy obstructed view you'd sit behind a Paul you'd have to lean the entire game but game six of the ninety two finals with Bobby Hansen we scalp tickets and we were on that second balcony and if you remember the Chicago stadium it looks straight down there wasn't if you were behind the Paul I mean the the vision lines were just perfect there I get it man I completely got it thank you Jeff have a great day it killed five three one two nine a one seventy two hundred if you could go back in Chicago sports history debut remember the old Chicago stadium the approximate view behind those steel girders Walkin Walkin his seats and then trying to figure out if you if you had obstructed view or not right so you did knowing they didn't update sometimes with printed on the ticket and sometimes not it is all the best three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred will get to get back to that in a second coming up at nine forty five we're gonna talk baseball are we going to see baseball at all in this city this summer and would you go to a baseball game let's say you get the all clear after July first you gonna hang out at socks Parker Wrigley Field are you gonna be a little nervous about that we'll talk about that today at nine forty five but first let's take a look.

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