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Bonobo, Danielle Watts, Congo discussed on The Dr. Susan Block Show


If if you're in the chiefs sheet cheap seats cheap seats or seat peanuts peanut gallery right. Yeah if you're in the then you know youtube or facebook where you can't see that sorry you just have to hear about it okay. So moving right along most Bonobo couple title for the third time they keep winning. Thanks and Susan. Yeah well actually we should if we would be winning for the like to win it. Twenty Seventh Time Candy now and we're not that Pinot bow on the show talking about performances on former show by back. Let me change. Yeah okay I don't know if I'm ready for mega sexy back. Takes Max come back wearing nothing but a smile. I'm really because that's an exciting Jesse. Then we might win most Bilbo couple see. We haven't done that lately. We haven't the sex on the show. How do we not lately? We did long ago. Yeah we did sort of kind of kind of there's another thing also it's really important today. This is a twenty eight year that you and I. Yes I doing this. Show Twenty eight years twenty eight years. That is our friend said when he walked in he goes. You guys are still standing India barely. I'm hobbling with this latest accomplishment but we're still L. here we're here so without further ado knows spin oboe. Couple goes to Danielle Watts and chef. Eli Sir my goodness sports. One of them is here. Maybe second wait is he's he's very he's been Novo. Wow occurs when a couple is very kind of poly-amorous. Okay grab a microphone. Wanted to surprise you award picture taken. I have to say it like I know I will accept this for both Danielle Danielle Watts. Look the law practice hoop stone about how we definitely don't want that to happen. But I- I I proudly and happily accept this award and I don't know if we can compare with you and Max but maybe someday maybe there is Johanna backache like oh I don't WanNa wish to go. He he got back together a long time and you spend time together love and work and Saxon since sleeping you start to develop the same symptoms. We move around a lot. You know she she might even be watching right now. She's we did yoga earlier. She threw thank goodness. She did not plan on being here. One uh-huh oh Ester last celebrating anniversaries. We actually got more than ever on that show. I was quite fun very public. Another sir. We'll see we have to get through. The notes with speech is always supposed to be thirty. Second Take off here. You may have to come up again arranged like I said we do not arrange for the guests to come. I'm here because if we did it award show where we invited all the nominees. We would go broke I. We don't have room at the moment. It's so one day we'll do an award show. We'll rent someplace and and big tell us more people than trump had Yeah definitely yeah. We'll advocate by fast food. That have more people than catered by McDonald's and Burger King. We'll have it catered Advi fast food hamburgers or right. We gotta move along. Never Finish these okay so Bonobo. Awards are most noble celebrity for the second time is Ashley Judd. God I wanted to give it to somebody else but she has done. The most. This year too is a major celebrity or them Noboa's especially through the Noboa's ooh conservation initiative most. Pinocchio Philanthropist is somebody new travel escrow and he's a Texan and we don't even have a picture of him he's so low key but he's you know a philanthropist who basically gave a big donation to to Bonobo Peace Forest and conservation initiative to help save the Bonobos okay most Bonobo conservation Russian has two awards. One is for Lola Ya Bonobo and they of course are are the sanctuary that saves the baby Bonobo Who have been orphaned by the hunters? Who killed their parents? It's terrible in the wild in the jungle of the Congo best. biddable conservation also goes to noble conservation initiative and our our friends. Sally Cox founded that and Yeah Hawks House after the Novo Name and Vanilla Conservation Initiative. They run the peace forest that That you know people are getting really involved here to protect these Noboa's in the Congo. Because they you know they have problems with these hunter shooting them as well as climate change problems not quite as bad as the Amazon rainforest at the moment. Bud Ed hey brothers and sisters. This climate change problem is happening all over. Look at Australia right now. So who knows what is going to hit a Congo now. I also want to say we've known sally for long. Yes when she just started out nobody was helping her well her ah give hundreds of millions of dollars. She has come a long way. He's come a long long way and she's won all kinds of awards awards but I'm sure. She cherishes her suzy's yeah she's gotten a few anyway best. Panova promotion is a somewhat newer organization. Sation the Bonobo project which is more about I guess public relations for all these other organizations and they do a great job and actually they're going to be promoting the bimbos through the World Bonobo Day which is on Valentine's Day so Last year they they gave away copies of the way the way brothers and sisters. That's right this went to all these Minova who were at this auction sponsored by a project so most Bonobo off. Campus Radio Interview interview goes to sex in the pews did an interview with me and so that's off campus nine on this show although I did talk talk about on the show. So that's why I use. The term mentioned most Bonobo campus video interview secular sexuality. Who who my old friend Doctor Daryl and and then of course the staff award is considered Bonobo since it goes to the Noblesville Bill Staff? It sounds like an infection but yeah we are great we are great we are so so great it sounds like it will be NOBLESVILLE staff staph infection. Yeah Yeah Yeah it is infectious staph infection. There you go you yeah I next subject okay if you were kind of sleepy before maybe maybe this will wake you up porn for the people right okay. So the first award is for hottest sex..

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Bonobo, Danielle Watts, Congo discussed on The Dr. Susan Block Show

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