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Welcome back to around the house there thi this is where we talk home improvement every weekend. Thanks for joining us. We would talking about carolina been sitting in. We've been sitting here talking about kind. Removing walls and what to think about what load-bearing. And i wanted to kind of wrap this up in the discussion to really make sure that you think about your heating and cooling system how that's going to operate if that's going to affect anything as well as lighting as well because those are two different things that when you open walls up and make him into one grand space earned a bigger space. It's one of those things you need to consider because you want to have the lighting make sense and the heating cooling makes sense as well. I don't wanna see you create bigger problems and not have the the system balanced right. If all of a sudden you're messing with that by removing wall so you might have to bring in a heating and cooling specialist to take a look at the ducks and make sure that you've got you know. Sometimes it ends up putting a floor register out in the middle of the floor someplace where he didn't want it where before it was up against the wall. So you need to plan those things out people. Will you know we found you know. We had a duck. That was coming up out of the floor when we did some remodeling and it was ended up going out into the cantilever and it was coming up into the house and we had insulation coming up through the house because it was blowing in two directions. So you'll find all these hidden things when you go to police projects apart. You always have to have in each fat guy ready on hand. You should always have someone that you really trust. Because i don't think there's one project. I haven't torn apart something like a substantial project where i haven't had to bring you track in for some reason. So that's the the lungs the lungs of your home so it's important that the two worked together. Yeah i didn't realize how good it was to have a good system. Until i put this one in my house and it's like reduced my stress so much because it's just it's cleaner. It's efficient a huge difference on my electricity usage from It's it's it's it's a big deal when you get something that super-efficient and it's going to pay for itself very quickly compared to what i had before i'm like i seriously love h if i could go back in another career i would have been in each back professional like i find it. So it's it's really cool. I mean it really affects her whole building. Science and knowing your h house in my opinion should be built around your eight track versus what we do. Is we build houses and just throw an eight track into a closet or we put really little thought into the process of how the attracts gonna work. And it's to me the wrong way to build. Yeah yeah no hundred percent. I mean my house. We did a lot of change in and swapping around like we talked about earlier and it works really well but i mean it's you know we've had a week of one hundred degree heat here and that that heat my house didn't it just didn't blink took it so that's not cool that up to that you and i were talking between break here. You've got some lighting projects that you're looking at your house aren't you. Yeah so. I'm looking to put in some some new lighting in the basement. Not changing anything but just changing fixtures. Because you know stuff was looking kind of rowdy actually had one light start smoking and catch fire which was an interesting thing. No it was actually caused electrical fire so we had to replace them. But i'm kind of looking for things we were talking about the difference between the led's the fluorescence The incandescent and then we'll kind of options you have right now. we have an old fixtures. That's got incandescent bulbs. And i was talking to eric about the flush mount. Have these really cool. You know because we can't do a hi hat there because it would be more constructions on thinking like a nice flush. Mount kinda give you the look of a hi hat. without instruction cool. I mean first off. I don't. I'm not a fan of the fluorescence flash sense to me or out. Those are one there many times. You've got mercury them so that's not good. They do sell some work. Your free ones out there. But that mercury is not good if you break on and so i don't like those for that reason so led led most people can can deal with them pretty well. I know some. Led lights with certain people they will see a little flicker because their led light has always kind of flickering in in how they operate so that your brain doesn't detect it. You don't see it but some people are sensitive to it but that's you know one of one of a million but long story short with those. Led's they're great and if you get the right one with the light temperature you know the correct color temperature to it So you you know for instance. If you're looking at lights you'll see a color temperature of like five thousand six thousand. That's that lou daylight type bowl that you'd see you or it's that bright bright very white light if you look at more incandescent bulb that's caught. Let's closer to a five hundred kelvin. Yeah that's got that yellow. I prefer the yellow Softer tone like. That's why i always kind of just go away from led's. Because i just don't like that. Bright glaring light do they make fixtures. That kinda have that you can tone that down. So it's not so stark. Yes you can put in if you if you buy one. That has a lot of the new. The flush mount ones like the look like the can type light a lot of those. Now have a selector switch on the back of them now. You can select what color temperature you want. And so i usually go down into that like twenty seven hundred twenty five hundred range so it's a much more yellower light and then there's even bulbs out there now that you can buy think about in a led bulb when it dims only dims and this is what's crazy is an led dims cuts the light output down. But what you're used to in your brain when you see a a basically an incandescent light bulb has it dimmed it gets warmer. It gets brown or it gets yellower. You know what. I mean that that car temperature changes. So now they've got led lights out there that as the dim they do the same thing as an incandescent bulb in they change color temperature and as it goes down. It tricks your brain into thinking like it's an old incandescent bulb because it's it's making it warmer and warmer and warmer as it goes down so it's pretty cool. Well unlike you when you did your wine rack he put lights behind it. And then you had all kinds of color tones remember you did you do. You can do read you could do. They have all the variants with the. Led stu yeah it's great. You know might seeming kitchen counters. Well i put the lights underneath. There did that. Led strip lighting in there and that turned out really cool because we can sit there and football season. i can put my seahawks colors on their own. And you know that. So i could do all that stuff. He saints hawks folks in front of me. You don't say seahawks jets fan. Hey i have to appreciate the jets fans out there. Because growing up in the seattle area. I like my seattle mariners but my seattle mariners don't know how to win at all atl. Football battle come fall exactly. We're going to have a football battle. But anyway that's just kind of one of those things that you really you know need to think about when you're doing lighting in there so many cool lights out there I like the smaller lights. I don't like the big six inch round. I liked the more closer down to two or three inch because they make less of impact on your ceiling. And i think they look really good. There's a lot of great lights you can do out there. And they're so easy to install. You know what the problem i have is. There's a cut out now where these old because it was member. Those they were like four. What were they at three inches round. And then they had the incandescent bulbs were the traditional lights like the nineties. Were there so. Now you've got this whole cutout of drywall. And i just wanna put a replacement late in having such a hard time figuring out what can go there that fits well. That's all the time we got for this week. Caroline thanks for coming on the show again today. Thanks for having me coming up next. Roger wakefield the expert plumber just after these important messages..

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