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Pursuit food has taken us into the wilderness cross rivers and atop mountains. These journeys have connected to the wild. It is this connection that allows us to experience while places. This world has to offer in search for both wild game and adventure. This is my adventure for food. Hey guys will just gonna talk through adventure. I had a couple of years back. This one's going to take us into into the mountains there and it was my first trip. I had up to alaska. I've made a few trips up there. In traditionally grew up. You know hunting. The planes in texas on the western plains wyoming montana but had that chance to go up to alaska i would say about two years back and i had a good friend up there. He was working for the local police department. He's like man. You love the hunt. Alaska's place you need to be so we set up a hunt in a getting ready and he's like best pieces of game up here is early season black tailed deer so we were going to do a great black tailed deer hunt right in the mountains. of northeast of sitka alaska so sick of sits on the western side of baranov island. Which is fun fact. The brown bear capital of the world. I think they've got a one brown bear per square acre in so covered up with bears. But it's also covered up with dearest. Man you gotta get up here so we plan the trip. We had booked a cabin. You know laid out all my gear. Getting ready to go never really hunted in high alpine terrain before i chased mule deer and antelope down the lower planes. And you know into the foothills of some of the mountains in north west wyoming but never to this extent what we did was i flew up landed on the the little strip. They've got their in sitka. He rolled up through my guns in the back. And the first thing we did. Because i don't think any trip would be a- any trip to alaska would really be worth it. If you didn't get a little fish in and i you know you gotta go for that. Alaska surf and turf feel there. So we took his boat out. We went ahead and throughout some trot lines for halibut and then also trolled for salmon. We picked a couple silvers up that day and then later on the afternoon. We pulled up the hotline. At first i was thinking man trot line. You know that's not very sportsman's like you know. I prefer the rod and reel or a fly rod. He's like don't worry you'll feel like you've done enough work. So hauling up six hundred feet of trot line later with a few thirty pound weights on it and about four to five sixty pound halibut. Really a really made it worth our while so we went ahead and took the fish head and flayed him up. Got him ready. Went to bed. Early woke up the next morning. We took his truck up to the top of a local mountain. Just on the back side of it. There's a little trail that kind of skirts up into the alpine. That overlooks the city..

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