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It will two games in this appears to be it. Looks like the same offensive line. It looks collectively like the same group so you wonder a couple of things number one. Should they go ahead and play. Deontay smith and jackson carmen. It seems to me the answer should be yes number. Two if two games in if actually one game in your bailing on trusting the offensive line that tells me you had very little trust to begin with so then why organizationally didn't you get better players at those positions pollock right offering politics mr intensity. Well look at look at the end of the vikings game. Did they play aggressive. At the end of the vikings game they played to hold on. Yeah they didn't let joe ball spread it out and push the ball down the field. They played like a team that didn't feel good about their offensive line up front. Here's the thing that is crazy me goes through these great. Jody williams forty-five clinton paint forty-eight hopkins. Sixty four a fellow forty-one riley re fifty eight collectively abysmal terrible. Yeah if that's the case to throw it all out because you're not gonna to do anything this year anyway. Now well those guys be better. I think so. I think they'll they'll get back to the means but what's their ceiling. Yeah the only one that we think ceiling can be really high as jones and if it's not holy cow now we're talking about a left tackle who we're going to get there for the future right thing is this and you and i have carved out this really cool niche in the city on twitter or when teams do bad they can just blame tony and mow the reds skit and lost eight series in a row. Because i bought you skyline. The bengals are now skidding. Because you and i were on the forefront of team chase yes so here's two truths that can can can be true at the same time chase was the right pick Here's fifty five yards and two touchdowns in two games and the line wasn't addressed enough. Both those things are true. Police soul is the lowest graded detroit lion in preseason. The lowest graded lion linemen It's not like he's the quick fix. The problem is jomar chase was right but how many guys did you. And i talked about before the draft leading up to the draft after the draft. And say this name still out there this name still out there and what joe tuna got what. We could have never paid that. We can't pay that money for guard. Well the chiefs did and they're paying a quarterback five hundred million dollars so they found a way to do it. The bengals essentially said well. Now that we got your march chase. We're washing our hands of everything else. Because frank politics coming back. Everything's good going forward. That's not the case in two games in the panic. Buttons being hit into while you should've taken so no choice. Was the right pick. This team should have addressed offensive line and many other different ways due out the right. That's where i was going to go next but let's get a break. And because what has happened and i think specifically what happened yesterday but let's face it. I mean joe joe. Borough was sacked five times against minnesota. I think it has caused a lot of people to want to relitigate. The whole team chased team things. Let's go ahead and do that when we come back. We're here til six at twin peaks and florence. We will have for you as taylor's monday afternoon. Press conference coming up to four zero five a ton of ground to cover the defense. I thought played very well yesterday. We have to talk about taunting calls in the nfl and on hair getting calls in college. Football the bearcats. The huge beneficiary of one of those on saturday in an enormous bounceback performance and ultimately a fourteen point. Win against the indiana hoosiers. A lot of ground to cover come on out and cover it with us twin peaks here in florence on houston wrote the tony in mo- football show on fifteen thirty cincinnati sport station. Three o'clock this. Is tony about football show from twin peaks in florence on. Espn fifteen thirty. Were here every single monday on houston rose. Let's let's talk about what yesterday's bengals loss and the way the offense personnel was used What it says about what this team did this season. Because you and i were on team chase. Yeah i still am on team chase. You mentioned the way. He's played so far. I don't think you have any issue with what he has done. Individually that said if you jumped aboard team chase you sided with the belief that you could address the offensive line in the second round of the draft. Maybe they will have done that. Thus far jackson carmen hasn't played a snap sided with the belief they got frank pollack and some of these guys. They're stuck with from last year are going to perform better because they're going to get better coaching. You sided with the belief joe. Borough given a wealth of weapons is going to be great at getting rid of the football quickly and decisively. Guys are going to be getting open. You sided with the belief that with given this wealth of weapons. That zach taylor's geniuses a play caller is gonna bubble to the surface. Well jomar chases played fine. We haven't really seen any of those other things they took jackson. Carmen traded down to get him. He hasn't produced the results. Were hoping to see from frank. Pollack we haven't seen yet. Joe borough i don't i don't know if he's armed with the ability to throw the ball deep. He got rid of the football decisively in the second half yesterday unfortunately it ended up in the hands of guys who played for the chicago bears and with the way the personnel was used. Yessiree by the way totally healthy this offense could not be healthier correct yesterday might be the healthiest game. The bengals on offense play all season long. You had all five. You're starting offensive. Lineman you had higgins boyd tate chase. Cj yuzawa was healthy. Joe mixon was out there. Joe borough was out there and yet you should face. Yeah seven points. I'm sorry. Three points was the total offensive output until it was effectively garbage time until you were gifted. So where's all the stuff that we thought being on team chase came with well if you worry team sole supporter you are walking around with your chest held high today because this is what you were clamoring for. This was going to be the problem. I go back. I put my eggs in the basket. Of trustees taylor so you know what zack taylor with. Weapons zack taylor. With year to of joe borough sack. Taylor is an offensive guru is going to have a field day scheming for this offense and then i heard in the preseason mo hall chris evans in this offense is gonna be dining has won one target on tate. Hasn't even been targeted. How are we using the weapons i. They're not now now. It's like is there too many weapons. Because here's what's going to happen if you lose games like you lost yesterday. How long are guys going to be okay with the amount of targets. They're getting the amount of carey's getting if it comes in a win it's great. Hey team i if you start losing these games. I'm only getting six targets this game. I'm only getting this many. Carey's i mean let's not. We didn't set the world on fire running to all three point. Five kerry yesterday mixing wasn't great. The old line wasn't great but you allude to the draft. I wanted that by the time. The draft came. Everything was house. Money is what i had hoped for. I had hoped that they had done so much free. Agency that whatever's ad during the draft. That's house money that's depth. That's more position and then we sat around with every single big name. you saw one yesterday for the bears. Jason peters was named that so many people throw around. Did he break the bank. No but it was well. This guy's too old or he's too expensive or we can. We can fill that void with quinton. Spain and frank pollick is a combination instead of paying all that money. This is what you ask for this as an organization when you're going through those decisions.

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