OBJ: 'The blond is back' and new attitude, too


Newton Noto Beckham Jr had their own red table talk early on Tuesday. No Jada Pinkett Noble Smith. But that doesn't mean that both of these two were not going to say something that got people's attention. They both used the word humble but coining the context of tired of being humble. Cam Newton said that about replacing Tom Brady, the elephant in the room with the doing the Patriots and Noto Beckham Jr soak office hat and said the blonde is back and said he is tired of being humble. He is tired of playing that game. I don't know if we're going to Jada Pinkett joining them at any time soon, But Cam knew no Dahlbeck. Um do you have there red table talk, and it got plenty of attention, Especially way they use the word humble and the way they wanted to use it being tied of being that way to satisfy others. When it comes to playing football. I don't know if you can hear my eyes rolling in the back of my head right now, But when I saw that first I'm not going to be nice anymore. I saw that I thought was that broke version of LeBron's thing with a shop like that's what I saw, if if anybody wants to do Parody of this, with Victor Cruz leading the conversation, and you've got Odell Beckham looking smug, and it's weird jacket he's wearing Todd Gurley looking like he doesn't know what's going on one side of the table in Cannes, sitting with a cigar in these in these glasses of wine all over the table in the decanter, I mean, It was well done. I'll give him that Odo back him and his production company put this thing together. It was very well. I will say it was great to hear them. Talk about black lives matter Movement and what Corona virus That's very honest things to say about Corona virus and kind of the fear that a lot of people have of playing the season. The athletes at the center of this They are the product. They're the ones who make owners millions and billions of dollars every year yet I think that we missed the mark. Sometimes these were not necessarily considering all the health and safety protocols. Ah, when it comes to them, But so that's the stuff that I actually could get down with. But when the word humble was thrown around, I felt like you know, I needed Kendrick Lamar to come in and just kind of like, walk that back a little bit, because when you talk about the blonde is back and this that and the other thing with Odell Beckham have we not been hearing some version of the same thing for the last 3 to 4 years, Freddie Even before he went to Cleveland. I mean, it's every single season is new Year new Me New Year new Me But silence the haters. Got a You know, everybody wants to be labeled. We want to label something in society because we don't know what it is. And I'm tired of being labeled. Oh, my goodness. I'm tired of hearing this is every single year Put up or shut up, bro. I can't handle it anymore. By the corner. Cronin, Finn Fitzsimmons of Freddie Coleman on Friday and Fitzsimmons and ESPN radio. I said it's for the longest time and every time he does or says something like this without a Beckham Jr It further further confirms my suspicions. He still wants to be in New York. He doesn't want to be in Cleveland. Yeah, he'll say all the right things about the organization. But if he had his way, he still be a New York giant playing in the biggest city in the world when it comes to New York because his personality fits more in New York than it does in Cleveland. He doesn't realize that if he just goes out there because to me, he has way too much talent. So have that kind of mouth promising and making those false promises would come without backup Jr. I'm with you. I don't want to hear about humility I don't want to hear about the blind is back in. All of the nonsense stopped talking about it Be about it because you had that kind of ability and talent. But I still wonder I don't want any more. He confirms it every time Courtney Every time he opens his mouth. It tells me each and every time That he still wants to be in the biggest city in the world. Whether the New York Giants or in New York jet, Cleveland does not fit the personality to me in the mind of Odo Beckham Jr so and you're putting that out there. To me. It seems like he's laying the groundwork that if eyeball out in Cleveland, I want to go somewhere else where I believe my personality is going to fit that city and clear as a great sports city. Put it back on. Gina's realized that if he bawls out in Cleveland and leads into the playoffs and end of a deep run in the play offs, he could go anywhere representing him in a Cleveland Browns, but because he doesn't leave his personality Is suited for Cleveland. He keeps putting stuff out there time and time again to let everybody know I'm a celebrity, and I'm too much of a celebrity for the city that I'm playing it now because I did not want to be traded away from the city where I started my NFL career in the first place, and it's like we've seen the story play out. I said again and again, I mean, think about some of the distractions and think about what happened this offseason with him handing out cash Tol issue players of the national championship and You know, slapping the police officer on the Mac side in Superdome, and you know all of these things. It's like he was quiet for a little bit. And there were some trade rumors before that. I mean, like it or not, there was talks behind the scenes about him trying to get out of Cleveland. I have Pete. You know, sources that I've spoken with people close the situation. I know that it's been debunked allegedly at this point, but at one point that was actually in the works being talked about. It didn't just come out of thin air, so I mean I understand where he's at right now in wanting to wipe the sleep this late, clean because, you know, by his standards, you know he didn't you know, he still was 1000 yard receiving season last year, but he wasn't where he wanted to be. I think that he had different expectations for what his first year Cleveland could have looked like. But you know, the blonde is back. Does that mean that the celebrity and all of the distractions come with it to be as you'll remember? You know that last season in New York in 2018 there were a lot of distractions. There was an interview with Little Wayne where he was talking about his quarterback and essentially throwing him under the bus that created a lot of distractions in the locker room. So I mean, is that coming with it? If you're talking about the blonde is back, because, sadly, we know that this is one of the most talented wide receivers to ever play the game. But beyond that, you know, the blonde has kind of been the demise for him.

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