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George Nuri are free episode on beyond belief dot com. Of course, is John Souza talking, his real X files stuff. It's really cool. It's free. Go take a look and beyond belief dot com beyond belief dot com. Stem cell technology continues to just change the way people look. Stem cells have been proven to work literal miracles on the human body. Dr Nathan Newman saw, there was a huge untapped market for the use of the stem cell technology as a non-prescription serum to be applied at home to those problem, areas of the face and neck, like fine lines wrinkles and bags under the is his product is called luminous here with luminous. We're not really trying to just moisturizer or cover this. We're going down using the language of the cells used to talk to one another to get the cells to do our work for us to tell the cells note to break down collagen not to break any lesson to build up the collagen to build up the lesson to bring new blood vessels to take away they inflammation, and that can only be done at a cellular level, cutting edge because medic surgery without the cutting luminous is not available in stores but it is available from healthy. Looking dot com find genuine luminous products, and especially the luminous serum with the high. Concentration of Dr Newman's AP, t two hundred stem cell formula at healthy. Looking dot com. All products feature twenty five percent discount for signing up for smart delivery at checkout, which you can cancel with no obligation at anytime. Plus, if you're not satisfied, there is a thirty day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose to start looking better today. For a limited time, you can try the luminous starter pack for only nineteen ninety-five with free shipping at healthy. Looking dot com or toll free, eight hundred six oh, four thirty one twenty nine eight hundred six oh, four thirty one twenty nine or at healthy looking dot com luminous at healthy. Looking dot com. This is retired. Lieutenant Colonel Jim Reese, I owned and operated. Disabled veteran business that is dedicated to protecting you and your loved ones here in the United States and abroad during my years in the delta force. It was my.

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