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And dark Phoenix, I hate to say it does exactly what you wanted to do, by the way, as a fan because it, it caters to its title, which is not happy, Phoenix. Not silly Phoenix. It's dark Phoenix now, and I think that there is. So I think that there is. I think your question is a various student nuance question, which is there is a expectation when it comes to big scale expensive movies? He's the you are going to be more passively and happily entertained, then in more challenging smaller scale films, where you feel like you're going to have to deal with some heavier stuff. And so I think that there, there is some level of resistance to dealing with that heavier stuff when you're going in on a Friday night with your box popcorn to something that you think is going to be about people that, just, you know, have raised the come out of there is, and are going to blow things up and suddenly revenue deal with, like trauma, and psychological disorder and death. And, you know, betrayal and things that are, you know, as saying darker, heavier themes and dealt with darker. Heavier way. So, you know, like I do think that they're, they're having said that I do think that one thing that's been great about the John RA of superhero movies, specifically is that they've allowed for so many different kinds of tones. Most of them comedic. But so many different kinds of tones you have gardens the galaxy. And then you have something like Logan. Logan's very heavy. Tone has humor in it, by the way, but as a very heavy tone, and you have thoracic Narok and you have endgame and you have that Zam and deadpool, and in so many different kinds of tones that I do think audiences are open. I just think there is an expectation that they're going to be a little more passively entertained than they would be if they were going to see a drama in the fall. What's next? What are you working on next? I know that your, your next project has already been announced that you'll be directing. Yeah. So I am directing again. Thank you for encouraging me. No, I mean seriously. I appreciate it. I that wasn't meant to be ironic. I mean I leave on Sunday to go finish prepping this movie called three or five which was a spy movie, and other John, that I love it was an idea that Jessica Chastain, and I came up with when we were on the set of this film for a female on samba all spy movie about women from different countries coming together from different agencies and. And it's more in the tone of Jason Bourne than JAMES BOND. So maybe it'll be too heavy again, but it's not quite as dark as it certainly not. And it's Jessica Chastain lupita Longo Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz fan fan, Bing bang, Edgar Ramirez Sebastian STAN, speaking of marvel so it's gotten amazing cast, and we're going to be shooting in London all summer and Paris for a couple of those weeks. And so I'll be directing that starting in July. Do you know what's after that, or have you not seen that far in the future? What's after that is going to be a little vacation. Okay, good. I'm going straight off this movie like getting on a plane a week later. But, you know, the television show that, that I created apple that I care an immense amount about, and we start I'm not going to direct the pilot of that. You just can't. What's the title is an untitled science fiction move science fiction? I knew that and, and it's global science fiction show, very character forward. And we start you in that in October for apple, and I will want to be on the set of that. But I won't be directing the great well as usual, you have been very generous with your time. I can't wait to see what you do next. Give it up again, for signing Ginsburg, thank you so much. And that's how the QA went down special. Thanks again, to writer directors Simon Kimber for coming down to chat about his latest film dark, Phoenix..

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