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The U.S. is ordered families of diplomats to leave Ukraine at Baxter's in San Francisco with the latest dead Yeah Julian Wright U.S. officials say Russia could invade now at any time The sources tell Bloomberg the U.S. embassy in Kyiv will remain open and does not student evacuation and the support for Ukraine remains strong and intact This is a New York Times reports president Joe Biden is thinking of sending troops into the region and NATO moving warships in as well U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken meanwhile says it's too early to up the sanctions on Russia Lincoln says Russia knows what NATO U.S. stance is and what its his decision now talking about Putin asked on NBC if he thinks Vladimir Putin is just stalling to become more prepared for an invasion It is certainly possible that the diplomacy that Russia is engaged in is simply going through the motions and it won't affect their ultimate decision about whether to invade or in some other way intervene or not in Ukraine But we have a responsibility to see the diplomacy through for as far as as long as we can go And he says NATO allies continue to fortify positions while Russia delays and ultimately it is Putin's decision All of this coming is Taiwan is reporting out 39 Chinese military aircraft under Taiwan southwest air defense identification zone yesterday Taiwan says it sent air force patrol issued radio warnings and deployed air defense missile systems during the incursions Japan's prime minister Fleming Keisha and a call with U.S. president Joe Biden pledged to seek swift resolution over continuing talks about trade with China while pushing back on China's expansion efforts Hong Kong reports highest case numbers in over a year over 140 daily Bloomberg Steven engel says strains are definitely being felt Already of course the quarantine facilities here out of pennies bay are hit to the max And we're having new clusters come up A 125 of those a 140 new cases found in Hong Kong in a daily tally were locally transmitted 94 of them tied to the so called kwai Chung cluster That is the container port area And chief executive Carrie lam says COVID must be brought to zero It's the only good policy and it takes hardship Making this sacrifice in order to contribute to the anti epidemic efforts of Hong Kong And I'm extremely grateful for all those people who have been obviously affected And partly personal here in leading up to Dan I won't try to hide my love for the San Francisco forty-niners Here in San Francisco But you have to feel for the packers fans after last night and nowhere better summed up than packers radio coverage of the niners winning field goal.

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