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Coronavirus in Arizona. It's been another dark day for the coronavirus in Arizona. The death toll past 12,000 after 229 new deaths were reported this morning, and Arizona has surpassed 700,000 total cases. After 8999 Excuse me, 8099 new cases were reported today. But there are signs of cases may be beginning to plateau. Chief medical officer at Valley Wise Health Dr Michael White says they're coded 19 patient load has decreased over the past week. We are down this morning to just 103 covert positive patients. Just last Friday, they saw 133 covert 19 patients suspect we may see us plateau here or some time in a longer glide pat down to the numbers that we were seeing in the fall, and the state's largest hospital network is slowly trying to get back to normal, and her health hospitals will partially resume elective surgery starting Monday. The surgeries that will go forward will be those that do not require more than a one day stay. Do not require ice. You care and the Surgeries that air outpatient on Lee Banner helds, Dr Marjorie Vessel says This comes after the number of covert 19 patients at their hospitals peaked on January 15th. We have seen a slight decline since that time, but her hospitalizations are still 700% higher than what they were in November. 1 Griselda CITY No Katya or news, Arizona Medical marijuana dispensaries Get the green light today to sell recreational e a long time coming for Arizona. That means recreational pot can now be bought a dispensaries across The state. The Health Department approved more than 85 licenses today. Steve White with the dispensary, harvest, health and Recreation, and Scott still says, already conducted sales. We do have people that are starting to line up, but we are prepared to process people very, very quickly, so the hope is that we can appropriately and effectively control the lines..

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