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Alive. Jack, got back to his old ways pretty shortly after all of Steph and even married another, not long for this world actress, Marilyn Miller less than two years after his first wife passed away. Miller was a recent widow herself and the Hearst newspapers published photos of Maryland and Jack canoed alling in the cemetery where both of their deceased spouse's were buried. This marriage would last five years and Jack would enter into another short lived experiment in matrimony before coming to his own early death in nineteen thirty two, Jack found himself. Once again in Paris, he fell ill and was taken to the same hospital where all of died there. Twelve years after his first wife's death. Jack Pickford passed away at the age of thirty six. The cause was. Cute. Multiple Noor ida's an issue involving the nerves in the brain which can be caused by infections such as syphilis. There was only so much that could be done to polish Jack's reputation, but it's clear that the Pickford family took the lead in printing legends that would protect themselves. All of reputation and legacy be damned. Not that all of came off as a totally unsympathetic figure. Even if the newspaper reports implied her taste for sorted thrills in the wake of her death, her movies were released and drew big crowds as the first movie star to die. An untimely death, her career was frozen in the amber of tragedy. As I've noted, her movies were not major hits before her death, so it's definitely possible that more of her film survive then would have if she had not die. Died suddenly at the age of twenty five. But that's not exactly a fair trade off for losing her life and for having been robbed of any chance to tell her own story, not only that, but the embellished and distorted narratives are the only narratives that survive the truth faded into the either with all of. Next week we will move onto what was kinda. Logically, these second major Hollywood scandal, a set of events that had as cataclysmic and impact on the film industry as anything short of the invention of the talkie join us then won't you. Thanks for listening t- must remember this. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Karina Longworth. That's me. Our editors are Sam dingman and Jacob Smith. Our research and production assistant is Lindsay d Schoenholtz. Our social media assistant is Brendan Whelan. Original music was composed for this season by Evan viola, and our logo was designed by teddy blanks special. Thanks to our special guest Gideon Yego who read this week's excerpt from Hollywood Babylon. For more information about this episode and other episodes, please go to our website. You must remember this podcast dot com. Very will find show notes for every episode which include links to our sources. If you like the show, please tell anyone you can anyway that you can. You can follow us on Twitter at remember this pod, and we're on Facebook and Instagram, too. And if you are a fan of this podcast, perhaps you'll also like my new book, it's called seduction. Sex lies and stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood. It comes out on November thirteenth, but you can pre-order it now at Amazon dot com or Harper Collins dot com. We'll be back next week with an all new tale from the secrets and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's. First century join us then won't you good night.

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