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Call that's all sports desk. Here's Brian D. No wide receiver in the National Football League right now is playing better than this guy Rodgers in the shotgun slot left single receiver right. Here's the snap. Rogers fakes. The handoff throws the left side of the end zone leaping grab texter Davante Adams. At that time they were able to be Darius Slay it a beautiful, throwing a leaping grab in the left corner of the end zone, two more touchdowns for Davante Adams on Sundays, The Packers beat the Eagles 32 17 at Lambeau Field. Adams is now tied for the league leading touchdown receptions with 13. He's also moved into the top five in receiving yards and receptions. That's crazy, considering he's missed two games this season with an injury without many fans in the stands to vodka, and his teammates are adopting a new mentality. When it comes to energy, the acronym they're using B Y O. J Bring your own juice. I don't know this year. Is this a little bit different? I don't know if it's because we all we have out there. You know, we don't have any fans or we've got a couple fans now, but You know, we don't have a full crowd like we used to at home, eh? So it's just really be wild J man, and I think everybody everybody is kind of doctor that mentality and decided to go out there and give it all they've got. The juice is apparently working. The Packers sitting at nine and three. Next up a home game against the Detroit Lions in college football. Another loss a tough one for the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday afternoon, Paul Kristen company falling to the Indiana Hoosiers final score 14 to 6 kids, put it out there and played and Put forth the effort. There's there's you know that I really do believe that you went to Badger's wrap up their regular season this weekend in Iowa against the Hawkeyes. Transitioning to the N ba no movement over the weekend. On the honest Antenna Grupo Supermax front, The Bucks are set to open preseason play this upcoming Saturday against Luca Don Cheech and the Dallas Mavericks. Janos did perk up some years when he posted a selfie of himself driving on the highway on Saturday morning. But that turned out to be innocuous. At least at this point. That's what we believe. And finally in college hoops and just his fourth career collegiate game. Justin Lewis is already a market legend. The freshman forward gets the game winning. Tipping at the buzzer is Marquette upsets fourth ranked Wisconsin 67 to 65. It was a play Lewis was hoping he didn't have to make in the first place. I wanted easy to make it I want I want to go home 100 homes. DJ Carden, who missed the would be game winning free throw was glad that his teammate was able to pick him up all the time in practice, so Um, you know, I got to the line and you know, could have put away the game there. But, um, like I said, it's all about having each other's back. What a moment That was. The Golden Eagles are back in action at home tomorrow night against UW Green Bay. The Badgers, meanwhile, set the host Louisville on Wednesday and we should get updated AP Poll Rankings little bit later this morning trying to see how far the Badgers fell number one on the number two if the wind over the top four top five team in the country was good enough to get the Golden Eagles into the top 25 Yeah, that was quite a box back week for a market considering what happened in that came before against Oklahoma State. Yeah, they just got smacked and couldn't figure out the zone defense and we could we joked about the late last week. Great guard didn't employ too much so defense the other night, which was just kind of inexplicable, so at least make him prove that they can figure it out and then go back to man or whatever, but get it, though. I mean, from a Wisconsin perspective, you're gonna live and die doing what you do right? And that's that's been Wisconsin basketball for decades. It's We're going to play this style. We're not going to play a super sexy style of offense. We're gonna play solid defense it offensively. We're gonna not shoot a ton of threes. But look for you know, effective high percentage shots, even if it takes the entire shot clock, And that's the way that they played on Friday evening and market just got the best of him. When you hear somebody say I don't like college basketball, because lot of times they point to the Wisconsin Badgers because it it's it's not aesthetically pleasing. It is running gun, but it's usually very effective, Vory. Typical of Wisconsin to make some of the mistakes that they did down the stretch. Especially not blocking out on that, Reba. Yeah, and you know what? It's interesting. Jean Defensively. The better team in that game was Marquette and Mark head, especially under Steve O. J. House. Key has not been AH, defensively strong team, but this year that's their identity and having spoken with Moto a couple times since the start of the season. That's what he wants the identity of this team to be his defense and rebounding, and they were able to beat Wisconsin at their own game on Friday night. It's 18 and Wtmj. What.

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