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Let's get the latest from storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter Dixon a subtle improvement right now in this scenario the warm air is starting to win the fight in more of the I 95 corridor inside the beltway A lot of dwyer Virginia and all of Maryland east of Washington have been dropped from the winter weather advisory that was to go until 1 o'clock in the morning Temperatures are just above the freezing point in the air That's good news but of course we still have a frozen ground because of how cold it got last night So even in the spots that are getting mainly plain rain along the I 95 corridor there still could be some icy spots on things like bridges and overpasses Far southern Maryland is in the low to mid 40s right now and they will stay plain rain for the rest of this storm Whereas the northwestern suburbs they still have a lot of cold air a lot of cold ground The freezing rain will continue to glaze on surfaces for the next couple of hours It will drop below freezing again well after midnight tonight but that does mean a refreeze of all this moisture So some problems could persist into the early morning much more coming up in a few more minutes Nick Okay Matt And the winter storm has caused hazardous driving conditions as heavy snows turn into sleet and freezing rain in the D.C. area Driving on I 70 on Sunday was not easy Cars were having trouble stopping As I was driving from Frederick county to Howard county some cars around me were swerving and ended up on the side of the road or in the median One went head first into a ditch Plows were trying to keep up with the heavy snow that fell for hours Sunday afternoon It then turned into sleet and freezing rain which could make the morning commute difficult If you have to go out take it slow and leave plenty of room to stop If you can stay home do Gallery bunk to you too This winter storm hit on Virginia governor Glenn's first full day on the job Has been traveling with the governor in Richmond Governor junkin says Virginia has support from the National Guard during this winter storm There's an extraordinary amount of coordination going on across the Commonwealth that's much more on the 81 quarter from a snow standpoint and that's where we've deployed most of the assets As for I 95 we're really paying attention to 95 all the way from Northern Virginia all the way down into North Carolina because that's such a huge thoroughfare force and so it's been salted and ready to go There's a lot of pressure on Jenkins new administration to avoid trouble on I 95 after the winter storm two weeks ago that left driver is stuck on icy roads for 24 hours In Richmond Nick I in LA doubled TOP news The district has ramped up efforts to keep the roads clear Preparations for the winter weather began last week Crews are fully.

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