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Just you know um getting the opportunities sometimes uh that it would have been an arnold's era or even 80s in early in it was like edges a really flipped up everything man so i think i you know i got popular on twitter first and then when i turn my instagram on ahead ten thousand people the first day just because my twitter following so big i didn't him really like no like i wasn't even in the instagram right that's like we're everything's at now but it's one of those things where i had a machine of a business that was building alongside my personal brands my set up was completely different than everybody else's in if i think how much pressure there would have been if i didn't have that machine it would be a it's it's tough out there right now it's a little different so i think like two germans point if you're trying to create a personal brand you know there is a pressure to have a certain amount of followers you're just not going to get looked at that's the reality of what's going on out there and i'm not saying that's you know right but i'm just saying that's where the businesses at right now john jaba here yours here's my question like creating a personal brand is something that i think let's say for every hundred that try it may be all may be small right by lloyd's zaire senate just by high john that you just cave you write what one percent probably hot so so in evaluating that high percentage i feel like okay you could spend time trying to build a personal grand if you got it and you got gotta know if you've got it and people inner engaging with you will show you if you got it but if you don't have it man it's like that time is so much.

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