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And like I'm glad that they made sense out of what they were doing. Because when you first thing that movie while when you're first thing when you're twenty or whatever you just believe whatever better when I was watching yesterday, I kind of forgotten the detail that they were running meth. Yeah. And I was like what are these guys have all these guns and what's going on? But they were truly bad dudes, of course, like running drugs, and what's his name, Tom Sizemore. Oh, yeah. He was the guy. Oh, yeah. Got all pissed off. Sure. It's kind of an early Sizemore appearance again this movie filled with the better actors needs much better actors than it needs. I haven't note here that just says, I'm fucking surfing. During midnight, sir. Yeah. Can't who actually yell right? He's like when this becomes. Yeah. I mean, I think that's the day or that's the night rather. When it goes from being an undercover job to like, I'm into deep. Yeah. I love these guys. Yeah. That's when he Lori petty have sex on the beach, right? The kiss out in the water on the boards. Yeah. Those beautiful moment. Great. Yes. I think that's the that's kind of turning point for him. Yeah. Oh, just one more quick note before we move on from the meth house. It starts with people are staking them out. And you see one of the meth guys. Oregon pouring beer on cereal. Anyway. It's funny. Great great little like a little visual joke. Well, and that's like this does have James Cameron's fingerprints on it share for better for worse. Yeah. I think he the, you know, lease according to I m d trivia, he and Kathryn Bigelow kind of rewrote an existing script. Yeah. That there was dating. Right. I think they were married at this point. I don't know for certain. But I think they were married at this point. Yeah. So I think they rewrote it together. And yeah, there's definitely some Cameron shit in this. Yeah. There's definitely I mean. Yeah. Definitely some of the, you know, some of the more awkward dialogue. I would go ahead and probably a tribute to him, you know, he's managed a mazing films. Yeah. Where do you stand on him? Boy. I mean, you know, camera movies are always they're always a blast. And they always look cool. Yeah. I mean, definitely the man is not a master of dialogue. Or maybe he's doing it on purpose. Maybe he's trying to make things more like a fairy tale or simplistic or something like that. But I mean, yeah, I mean. I think that I always I always liked them. But yeah, but they always have some they always have some kind of cornball I roll stuff that you gotta get past to enjoy the spectacle. I agree writing is not as strong suit. No, let somebody else ride them. Exactly. I'm sure he's going to write them. The Bank stakeout seen kills me. Because they they're staking out this Bank. And just they're the they're the worst stakeout guys ever. Yeah. He's like, oh, give me a sandwich. Yeah. And this it's all happening behind them. You talk give me to he's reading the comics. He's reading. Yeah. You're literally in their robbing the Bank. You see is like laughing at laughing at Calvin high newspaper. He makes Kiana go get a Meatball sandwiches to Meatball sandwiches. Yeah. And the whole thing is going on right behind them. I know they gets back and he's okay. You know that that continental how long's up in there? It's like what continental. That's what are you doing? You know? Yeah. Foods. Good seen the Bank robbery scene. Yeah. It's neat is pretty cool. In like, I think the I mean, listen, it is what it is. It's point break. But there really is something going on with the last half hour of that film. Where new like the coolest thing that happened in the movie, I think is when after the he was outed with after the big foot chase with Swayze Swayze in the gang show up at his house and are just like what's up, man? I know. Yeah. There was your face cut. Yeah. That really ramps up the tension. Totally definitely shows. You know, definitely like is a good example of these guys. You know, this gang will just take that adrenaline rush wherever they can get it and how they live their lives..

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