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Pumped it into the GDP diary. There was a massacre in the market on Christmas Eve, but we're looking at those number of companies that have made fifty two week high since then, and it's fading. It's actually the lowest in this kind of rally in this kind of. It's the lowest since we gathered data are your clients stepping back into the market on this, Jordan. Are they still moved to cash? What's what's the what's the balance? Well around the end of the year there was some nervousness. There were many many things at play the trade war, the shutdown geopolitics and many many things so clients have booked the prophets around the the fourth quarter and now with the positive momentum that we're starting to see the positive messages were hearing from the trade discussions the limited impact of the shutdown. Yes. Clients are starting to look at the markets again, and they do see some positive momentum. Let's not forget that in Q three of here. The s&p five hundred companies and autos companies have reported a twenty four percent and twenty four twenty seven percents up in earnings. So this is ten positive. There is some positive momentum. There is some consumption. So I do not think it's time to step away from the markets. There is still there are still many opportunities to grab. Ryan putting the money on the table as it were. That's something. We like Ryan we save a lot to get through. Ryan lament stays with us. But of a snapshot of what's coming up on the show. We'll talk about Saudi Arabia because they're testing the international bond market for the first time since that hashtag she scandal. Was there an impact on investor appetite? But up next Jonah hails this week's trade towards as extensive in depth and detailed the latest data provide yet more evidence of a slowdown in the second largest economy. This is Bloomberg. Are you interested in challenging and exciting career one where you can be.

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