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The need for expanded consciousness the need to see beyond. Into also, just reveal that which is. The. Unconsciousness that is seeming to just show up. All over the place right now just make no sense, and so you founded the Iowa. Foundation. You're studying not only Iowa ask about other medicinal plants you're working with Kudos your doing tree planting programmes in reforesting or helping the awareness of and the support of medicinal plants and the Amazon itself. So there's some very real powerful endless I was at the foundation in the center beautiful space. So what are you doing now to kind of? Ground this in two severi necessary medicine moving forward in the world. So Much I. Mean I guess we're we're all in that position but I I look back in. I did so little. It seems like I did so little this just happened. Iowa A. Just kept telling me what to do and I know that might sound weird if you're not familiar with Iowa, but there's messaging communication that happens in these ceremonies. And it's in it's again like another nod to what you were saying. I. I've never taken would never even think about taking Iowa Ska if it wasn't in a ceremony that the the terms are inherent. No. If you say you drank Iowa Ska, you mean you drank while sky in a ceremony and the fact that there is such a rich tradition surrounding the use of Iowa is one of the greatest gifts that we have to be honest. The substance can't be separated from its methodology and ideology the tradition surrounding its use, and we have so much to learn about that. But creating the foundation. All know all these pieces had to come together all these people had to come together to make that happen building that center. All of that the it was like A. Magical journey evaluate it. Really was that center was founded by. The Grant Town Foundation a charity organization are based in Ohio. Founded by Michael Moran and his son. Christian and they wrote me an email in two thousand thirteen and said, Hey, if we pay for it, will you build a research center and you know like? To say I did that you know I like, yeah, I there was certainly my involvement you know but there were there were some big big things that happened that were just really part of a bigger plan and and that's what I see happening. You know that's what I've been watching happening for over a decade. The I was foundation started in two thousand nine and it just seems like there's this this bigger and bigger plan on fold things and that plan is. Really to. In the most general sense, return the earth to harmony but more specifically to reconnect the human race to nature to the earth. and. And sometimes, like you said in an Iowa's concern if you if you go into it with the wrong attitude, Iowa will kick your ass. And That in that moment of kicking your ass is real opportunity to. The way thank you know especially with regard you know like you said like if you have too much ego, it'll squash you like a mosquito in a heartbeat you know and and that's the reality of where humankind is in relationship to nature and the earth. The Earth could wipe us out in a heartbeat it would end it wouldn't even blink. And that's What we need to be respecting, you know that's that's what we need to be reconnecting to, and that's the source of the tuition that we have. Like where what is the intuition? Actually speaking will it's the earth it is nature is the consciousness of this much greater being that is guiding us and helping us to realize what we should do next and how we should proceed. And that's really what I see happening in Iowa is is part of it but. Not Coincidentally. There is a movement happening now, this February that was a thank you plant medicine movement and It was a social media movement where tens of thousands of people started telling their stories about how plant medicines help them and their last year John Hopkins University. Prestigious Medical Institution declared that they would be building a psychedelic therapy research center and college in the UK also made the same announcement. They would be building research center devoted to understanding and studying psychedelic therapy, and you can now start to find degree programs where you can become a psychedelic therapist or be defied psychedelic therapy and and so. That to me speaks to something really important. And we've kind of. I watched my life spiral but collectively, humankind has watched our lives spiral downward and and what saved me was reconnecting with nature through the use of a ancestral medicine and an ancestral tradition and and that's what I see as happening now. And just look at our perceptions of indigenous culture now. You know you don't have to go far back and unfortunately just our parents probably. who were watching a whatever that show was I am too young but where the the Indian character, the native American characters name was Tanto. Which is the Spanish word for students get along ranger like that wasn't so far back, our parents were watching that show and their perception of indigenous culture was that indigenous people were primitive savages who are uneducated in stupid and now just one generation. Later we've flipped that so hard where we value indigenous culture, we view them as wiser than us like they have wisdom that we lack the amount of respect and then look at where we were just a generation ago with our relationship to to the environment. Yeah. Whatever we can do whatever we want where humans. It's our planet chop down the forest mine in the dig holes blow things up whatever you know whatever polluted, all and then. Were here one generation maybe two generations later. Preserve. The rainforest you know save as much as we can do it we can a lot has.

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