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Because it looked like she was unfit to drive they actually performed a field sobriety test see because that doesn't happen everywhere in arkansas when you gotta be hitler situation in which someone is reported by the police to be obviously intoxicated they don't always do feel sobriety tests just so you know but a cow whom county hampton arkansas they do and that's good to know because i think they always should no no no they did not know they did not violate her constitutional rights absolutely not there's a reason for feels right this okay this one this is very troubling the scheme over just a few minutes ago from maggie mcmurray at the democrat gazette all arkansas according to a news release arkansas state police our best to getting the death of a 35yearold woman who was found in gillette last night charity stali of arkansas county was found near neels lane in gillette arkansas the stuck car police department asked the state agency to investigate style death her body has been taken to the state crime laboratory to determine a cause of death um yeah this is well there's there's we'll we'll just wait on that one okay the now there's a different one now there's a different one out of cherokee village and i got a share that with you here in just a minute because it's it's very troubling the doc.

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