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Take your day just a current day and write a headline. The headline has to be up to sixty characters. It could be a sad headline. It could be. I went to the gym for the first time in three months, which would be a great headline. It could be some, but right stack and Dr. Once you write the headline you gotta start picking and choosing who says that meeting that person for lunch, or who says that your boss thinks that the new way we all right headlines that's called Facebook Snapchat. We all make our lives look so much better about the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and suddenly you have to pick and choose the most important people go to battle. So. For example, fives and then kill each other tool, maybe missing some context, but all headlines have misconduct. This is the Mideast podcast. I am your host Molly Livingstone here in Jerusalem still just Jerusalem. By the way we have the US embassy, but it is not Jerusalem Israel officially as of yet. And here to confirm. That is my interview today with Vive rotting gore, political correspondent times of Israel. What's up with your name? You just made it up. Everybody's gonna have a name, I know, but what's happening in yours Aviv really. Jio. Yeah, Kaviv is. And then there's this weird German name in the middle? Yeah. So let's just break down your name plus my parents come from America, so like none of that's the plus none of it. Makes sense. It's all a plus Eva super Israeli gore, isn't that mean a puppy in Hebrew is a cub lion cub various animal Cup. So they named you lied and cub. The did not know. We have an old family name on my mother's side. Google who are students of the reforms fund the famous mystic from fat in the middle ages, and then they left spot and went to eastern Europe. They took on the name Google league, lay Halley, the cubs of the lion. The was his acronym and they made it. They made it turned it into a Disney movie last name and one of them made it over to the western hemisphere. And at some point, apparently changed the name to Gerard. And anyway, there's a name in the family. And so when my wife and I got married and we kinda thought and went looking for, he brace is name. We're kind of old school. So goal was right there. It was a Hebrew name in the family. I, I actually just made everything up then. No. Parents made up. I have a middle name of south that my parents made up to a lot of your parents make up. Maybe you don't have parents, maybe you're making that up to true. He just came from the sky, fell down the good version. That's the get. So you choose to be a journalist has fair to say wasn't forced, right? And you have a title that you've essentially made up. I mean, it has to get approval from the editor, but the times of Israel is pretty flexible. And a lot of people would say that about what they read. Well, we're going to talk about all this because we're living in dange of alternative facts and what's real and not real and the Mideast we always put it out there worse satirical. So everything you read is basically a lie. But in this day and age are lies almost seem like truth. I mean, it's hard to tell a headline from a headline things are pretty wacky at this point and you having like a title that you kind of make up. And then we wonder if you're making up your titles and headlines and your news itself and not just you saying that as all news. So you're kinda in the hotseat which is why didn't wanna tell you anything before we started and we're done with this. So what's the question back because his journalism, true or false? Is that the question? Well, I think that's way too white or black in this day and age. I wanna start with first of all. So I asked if you chose to be journalists, you used to work for the Jewish Agency. Are you still work for the Jerusalem. Post I worked, there's five years of the Jerusalem Post agency. Then I left the for the Jewish Agency. I was two years at the Jewish Agency. Why you did I was the spokesman. So you did swap journalism for the other side? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And represented. Jews represented, you know the agency and then went back to the times of Israel because. Personal room much. Many more reasons than one was that I was not a good spokesman. I did not enjoy the sort of silly ego battles that I was having with other organizational spokespeople of Israel, big ten party and cetera we, it was a bit of a dramatic moment to the Jewish Agency. The ninety year old Elliot department was shut down at it cost, one hundred five million dollars a year and that stuff. Now cost something like forty, five million dollars a year, and there's no difference in Allah. So there was an department that wasn't bringing Liam Neil immigrants and there's a whole policy thing. We, we redid the whole Jewish Agency, and I was sort of the spokesperson for them. It was a lot of battles, and a lot of silly battles against silly people who don't know the material. And so I was fighting with the minister of absorption who is the current minister of absorption sofa Landwehr who just doesn't know the materials. She doesn't know the information. It was essentially a fake fight over fake issue over decided to go into journalism. I went back to journalism at a time when journalism was thriving, look

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