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Falcons, Julio Jones, Barry discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast


All right, and we'll come back to the SMC sports podcasts spent that I save talking about falcons and Julio Jones seems like the falcons will not be giving Julio Jones a pay raise on his current deal heart non-citizen make any sense for them to. I mean, he's got three more seasons left under contract. And I mean as of right now is about seven or so guys making more than annually, Samantha, pretty team friendly deal according to the market right now. It's like I said he had made no sense to give him a pay raise considering the fact that I mean by the time, this deals up, he'll be thirty two and chances are no one's going to be paying them more than fourteen and a quarter at that time unless he's still producing at a high level. All right. So I mean, I'm Barry who I think he probably deserves a pay raise, but no reason for the falcons give it to him. So we move on from there. I mean, might cause problems with between Julio on the front office, but none the less. I mean, if he's showing up for work, falcons don't really have much to worry about their right. So now we move on to the NBA. Okay, Celtics, not too many free agent questions and decisions surrounding them this time last year it was more so going after Gordon Hayward the year before that going after a guy Al Horford. Now. It's more so signed back your guys who have been. There are one of those guys. Marcus smart was a restricted free agent. This ops season. All right. Was linked to the nets was linked to the kings for a bit. Nothing real serious. As far as the market surrounding him, it seemed like the like the Celtics were maybe just going to let the let it play out and probably just have them sign his qualifying offer, and then let them become a free agent next.

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Falcons, Julio Jones, Barry discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

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