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Within the sound of my voice morning paul w thank you for being here and doing your job and steve courtney as well keeping an eye on sports and getting ready he's been getting ready since last week for each day's duties but also with the name toward excellence on the thursday tomorrow night out allen park yesterday morning we had matt patricia pre draft conference here on lions radio yesterday and we're all set round one eight o'clock tomorrow night joined by my lions radio co host shawn baligian danny miller jim brandstatter we'll have more special guests lions general manager bob quinn stopping by during the show tomorrow excellent going to be a lot of fun lions unless the deal is done with the twentieth selection all right and it's it's not the best of days on the roadways but we have dana clark taking care of business and making sure you can get in i see what you're talking about dana get in he can't help himself even before i get introduced anyway okay team program host with many a program here at the radio station started in news wjr just while she was still in grade school and moved on to do all the work she's done including senior producer and now our executive producer of this very program and thomas good morning good morning any she hits amazing when i find in my sport coat pocket frank the man and the music starring bob anderson oh this is going to be at the detroit opera house saturday june sixteenth i have seen video of this guy jovan carey is bringing him into the detroit opera house he is frank sinatra it's eerie terry sleigh he's he does all the mannerisms he has the hair he looks like franks naturally acts like frank sinatra he talks you in the studio we should do the couple numbers it's so early though for these guys have a mob dash frank the man the music with bob anderson coming up what's you're never wrong with you you never heard that about sinatra well i've heard this this mob you keep talking about do a little research rumors on francis sinatra i'd been by one of his favorite restaurants in new york called patsies and it's still there and they still talk about mr sinatra coming in and how long has frank been gone twenty years ago twenty years twenty years.

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