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You kind of understand these guys because a lot of them. You know there's. The types of Mo- par guys that are really open and really want to show you everything they have because it's so cool. There's the guy have been insulted so many times by the people low balling them off. What are you GonNa do with that? I'll give you three hundred bucks for that super. Bird, you know after a while that's gotta get annoying. I know my hat. Sitting on one side of the fence, I could go okay. Maybe I'm the guy who has a nineteen seventy super burden I've had it since new or close to new and. It is the. Best thing I have in my life, you know the one thing that I know has extreme amount of value and I love it. And I could never rebuild it, but I could never let it go because I know that that is the treasure of my life, and everybody's always offering you. You know a couple of hundred bucks. I don't blame them. Of course sitting on the outside. I'm like get the car fixed. You know what I mean, but I think to myself if I had that car and I didn't have the means to have it fixed, but I knew that I had it. I. I can relate to those types of people, but on the other hand I'm a you know. No are left behind. Guy Saved the car. Let somebody save it. Maybe they'll let you drive it when they're done. You know so I kind of Jump on both sides of the fence, but I do like knowing that they're still out there. I love those kinds of stories in yeah, you know I wish I could get those types of people on the podcast to talk to him to get inside their head. The you know, see what their thought processes, and I know one of these days. I'M GONNA. Get somebody like that on the show, and it's going to be really interesting, but I love stories like that and like you're saying. You know you go to these guys for to buy parts and some of them. You know it's one way or the other. They either open their entire. Mope our worldview and you're just astonished at what they have or they're. You Know Barn door that far open in their. Reasons. That's. You know I'm not surprised by either one of those stories I'm sure every Mo- par guy who on done that kind of stuff. Has Stories just like that. You know what I mean like Johnny moped, telling me about guys got card buried in pods in his yard. I'm like what kind of? Okay. Nothing's. rolled. You're like me though you and just enjoy seeing it, you know it's. I have so much respect for any shape and condition. Just for someone to allow me to take a look at their their collection, their their their treasures..

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