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Continues to shoot themselves in the foot. The way that we can't come to some sort of agreement with this. It's something that. I don't quite understand and watching the film. You get a good idea of what these women have gone through jessica mcdonald and and she's gone through with their son and everything that puts few things in perspective but also in the film and let's be quite honest. Are you Things that are contradicting. That i would love to examine at a future point. Look it should surprise. Probably nobody at the federation the. Us women are taking this battle to the court of public opinion and frankly a- they are winning it. If i could give just one bit of advice and name that may not be what matters right at the end of the day. What happens in the court is what ultimately will make the decision In this. But if if i could give one bit of advice to the folks at the federation it would just be be a little bit more transparent and what i mean by that is. We don't need a seventeen tweet thread herk from the us. Soccer not main account but communications account after hours on a thursday eastern time. We don't need quotes from a male spokesperson from the federation to journalists who are writing articles reviewing lfg. What we need is the president of the federation who happens to be her a former. Us women's national team player cindy parlow cone to come out and say that this group of women and the lawyers that are respecting them are being disingenuous. The numbers when i hear it from cindy parlow cone. I will believe it until then. I'll believe what the women are putting in front of me simple as that. Is that fair mets fair. That's fair soccer as a great opportunity because of who is the president of us soccer and we heard nothing also. Us soccer declined to participate in this documentary and one could understand. Maybe why they would declined to participate. But still we've not heard from cindy cohen. You're absolutely right and the figurehead of us soccer. You would assume you would hear from her. I will leave it there for now. Our show as always an open. Invite for folks from both side to come and discuss this obviously very important matter in american soccer. All right. that's it for us. He's hercules gomez sevi- salazar and we will see you on thursday for the next show on espn..

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