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The boundaries of settlement with each new film from cronos send the devil's backbone to hans laver in the pacific rim and none more so than his latest the shape of water which opens today at the embassy lows lincoln square thirteen and the anjelica film center in stars the luminous sally hawkins with michael shannon richard jenkins doug jones and octavia spencer it's hard for me to do it justice with the simple descriptions so i will leave that to its writer director and producer who joins us now welcome back to our show gary abdel bary here thank you a dc this is a fairytale it is is the only way you can actually encompass all that it is because uh it's an incredibly floyd on malleable and merge curiel mustache genre movie in goals from uh musical comedy to thriller spy cold war spy movie in a it's incredibly is a celebration of cinema in many ways all the different genres yes but but in a way that is effortless but how did you develop the story of w as you're doing via thinking og i to bring into fred astaire ginger rogers thing until even though this is so totally opposite from anything they ever did it now what what happens in what happens on his curious is and because i have i have have sort of a twopronged gurria is big movies snow done in a studio system migrant crimson peak pacific rim hell more level blah the set of instincts uh is very different and then i do the more personal smaller movies in spanish and there was a resolutions on point during during crimson pig actually i said i wanna tried to merge these things because i'm not do people i make them was for the same reason an and i allowed myself to think about a broader that was an english of the way i think about my brothers and spanish megat as personal encore again strength do you consider suffer no tourists and unite the french called in auteur direct well though the finish and on that i i think ed change cinema on it and really made it uh in terms of the the conducting of this symphony morris director centered on my my good because a is the the professional i admire hitchcock when you're l scores as you know an all these are all terrorist and the way but.

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