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Wbz news time ten thirty forty one degrees in boston and good morning i'm rod fritz wbz news here's what were following in the wbz newsroom on this monday december four anew allegation against president rosenberg whose husband passive independent investigation again president trump endorses embattled senate candidate roy more in alabama and tax reform republicans hope were quick final approval for tax overall uncomfortable wbz accu weather sunny skies mid40s this afternoon a little milder was rain tomorrow much colder weather for the rest of the week and on wall street tax hopes the new records the dow at two hundred eighty seven points bloomberg business report is coming up wbz news time to thirty one and good morning state lawmakers on beacon hill will meet later today to take the next step in the investigation of misconduct allegations against byron after he is state senate president stan rosenbergs husband it comes amid a new report of another accusation against hafner wbz's doug cope has more four of already told the boston globe hafner allegedly sexually assaulted or molested the now another report from mass lives says hafner is accused of sending an unsolicited nude photo to someone who works in state politics is a senate president rosenberg friday as has been the most difficult time in my political life and my personal the state senate meets today to begin the process of appointing an independent investigator rosenberg has recused himself from that preceding senate majority leader harriet chamber will take on the role of senate president for that and she and senate minority leader bruce starr will coordinate the investigation and will not discuss anything with rosenberg or his staff doug cope wbz newsradio 1030 president donald trump has endorsed embattled republican roy more in the alabama senate race looking past sexual misconduct allegations against the gop candidate to argue that his vote is needed in congress president trump tweeted early today the democrats refusal to give even one vote for the massive tax cut is why we need republican roy more to win in alabama it was trump's strongest show of support for more since allegations surfaced that the candidate had sexually assaulted teenage girls decades ago including one who said he molested her when she was fourteen and he was in his thirties the latest cbs news poll of likely voters in alabama special senate election gives more a six point lead cbs news correspondent david begg no talked with voters in that state.

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