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With him. Richard helped her lose two hundred pounds for free and his disappearance left her like it left. Many completely perplexed. I'm not trying to just blow smoke a he saved a lot of people's lives. It's just so obtuse to me. I don't get it. Kathy. And her story elicited the greatest response, we got from the podcast. I think people were touched by you. Because you I think you were particularly eloquent about describing your own experience. It was a lot of reflection on what I'm gonna do different this time, you know. And this is what we didn't really talk about last time her time with Richard. And losing all that weight. It was life changing. She was on infomercials and videos and traveling with Richard as testimonial he used to inspire others. But what I didn't quite understand was what happened after to her. And how challenging it was once she stepped off the Richard coaster. It was like you cross me out at Nebraska, take me to Paris. And then you drive you back there. And I didn't know what to do with myself when I came back to my real life. Just didn't have any skills to adjust all that. Ten spiral. Yeah. Financially all that progress. She had made over the next few years it evaporated, and that's what I gained weight back. Plus. I mean, it was fine. Thirty seven pounds woke up, and I was just. And you're in denial when it happens. So. I don't know. Unitag? I spent probably eighty percent of my day still in bed sitting on my bed at least. Eighty percent. I spent most of my time and and often bad I do times. And how do you dig your way out of that? Well, I am digging. My way out of it. And here's white Kathy. Is doubly amazing where she lost all that weight with Richard as close to an impossible feat as I can imagine. Now, she had to do it again without Richard just counting on herself. How does one even begin? I rally for help. I scoured the internet for people who had lost three hundred pounds, and I just plugged in. I've plugged into anything everything that I could find on how to lose weight and from being morbidly obese she actually took some life coaching classes while she was bedridden wasn't a whole big deal. It was like a six week course on the phone couple hours a week. But I I guess they're fide. And so I lead this group instead of those phone calls with Richard for confidence and kick in the ass. She has filled that space herself she moderates phone group for people losing large amounts of weight. Yeah. It's just a small group of people. We get on the phone about six or eight of us on Monday night for an hour. I mean, it's amazing. There's so many people that just want to be listened to and others YouTube videos that she was watching to see how others we're losing white. They were the seeds for her own thing to grow. It's kathy. This is my first log, so we'll see how it goes. I wanted to I started that credit worried nineteenth. I've done a daily video. He's been every day. Hello. Hey. It's friday. The second of mart alive. Drain of like, oh, you're doing a livestream every morning. Yeah. I happy Friday. Everyone fit is the sixth of April end. Hey, guys. It is Wednesday hump day. It's well June fifteenth and the years half over guys Friday the thirteenth, and this is the second Friday the thirteenth this year. And did you know that there won't be another? You know, my mind is opening up in what ways physically I'm much more mobile than I was when we talked last hope for me to get up and get dressed. And put on a bra highway years without doing any of that put on Paris shoes. Dress and walk around my house and just live in my house. It's the collectively just keep doing more and more. It's crazy. Wow. It sounds exciting. It is Kathy's got a long way to go. But she's already lost one hundred eighty pounds, and she's not one to plug your own stuff. And so I'll do it for channel is totally Kathy on their everyday live streaming at seven AM. Say what you want about Richard? But he would a fire under a lot of us..

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