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In fact. The gender enrollment disparity among nonprofit colleges is widest at private for your schools where the proportion of women during the twenty twenty two twenty. One school year grew an average of sixty one percent. Some of the schools extend offers to a higher percentage of male applicants trying to close the gap between men and women. there has become in some schools tackett. Affirmative action for boys and women's groups and feminists are upset about this. There is a societal problem here. And there's a larger problem. We need to talk about. So i started listening to a podcast and i can't really recommend the podcast anymore. Because of some of the philosophical objections. I have to how they've covered things in clearly. The agenda running but it was. It was an interesting podcast added. Start events still is interesting. And i need to finish it but i don't endorse it The rise and fall of mars hill. If you're unfamiliar with mark driscoll mark driscoll was a pastor a reformist. She's still old formed reformed pastor. What's what's reform will in. The theological reformed is your calvin i in your orientation you embrace the tulips And total depravity e. I i'm gonna mess up if i go through in my calvin you're gonna get mad at me i am one or reform guy the total depravity Oh i might as well just for curiosity sakes tulip calvinism. Why can't i remember him. Because on too much allergy medicine this morning in my brain is suddenly broken total depravity unconditional election limited atonement irresistible grace and perseverance of the saints. Tulip the theology of calvinism. The acronym tulip if you subscribe to tulip. You're considered reform now. There are some for example. There's some some reformed baptists don't go all along with some of it but nonetheless you get my point. Mark school reform pastor. He's rejected calvinism. He that's where he made us dan. He's had a falling that with church. He fell in disgrace. He couldn't pastor a church so now he's back and he's changed his theology. It's problematic but for a while. now. I've gone off on my own tangent. Got myself lost here. I come back to the trail with this one of the things. That mark driscoll championed as a pastor that gets ridiculed in the marshall podcast that shouldn't is the waywardness of men men in society have a role to play. And if you're a feminist and you believe that men and women are absolutely equal and you're a gala tyrian. There is a natural. I don't i it is in our dna..

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