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Only turning in positive Corona virus tests and not the negative ones, potentially throwing off the state's covert 19 statistics. Answering a news channel eight reporter's question at a mental health forum, the governor said it's not a slip up by the state since most tests are handled by private labs. Sometimes they want to get the positives out, because obviously that's important. And then the negatives back lock. The state Health Department says it's educating labs on proper protocol for covert 19. Testing. Gordon Byrd, NewsRadio W. F. Ella wait at least two weeks. The recommendation from the Hillsborough County school superintendent to the board about when to reopen schools for the fall, Addison Davis says. There's an important reason we built this plan along the side of safety. We want to make certain that safety was our greatest priority related to how we will serve Children. That we will protect our faculty members how we will actively engaged our community. School board members are expected to vote on Davis's planned next week. In response to community activists who have said the Tampa Police Citizens Review Board was all the powerless Mayor Jane Castor's proposing several enhancements. Castor wants the group to have Mohr oven involvement and who gets on the force the hiring process. Will be reviewed with and by the CR B moving forward, and they will also participate in a newly formed TPD interview panel. Castor's calling for the CR B to review disciplinary cases against officers once they're closed, but before any sanctions are implemented. Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news. I'm Chris Trunk man. W F L A news brought to you by the Duncan duo. You're a small business. You.

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