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Here's Laurie. Pretty bad out there right now, Jim, first off north bound on the expressway. Still dealing with the truck fire. It's ah, right in the blocking out the two right hand lanes Right over Granted Avenue north, an expressway over Granted Avenue. We're down two lanes. Their state police emergency vehicles are on the scene. You're going to see that also underneath the truck fire on Granite Avenue. That roadway is closed off as well as they deal with that situation above. We are still dealing with some problems as well on 4 95, We have work crews once again today, North and south bathroom. Hey, Bill Digger start at six o'clock this morning now meantime, on 4, 95 and Mansfield. A truck actually vehicle has overturned. This is on for 25 south on right at 95 again in Mansfield reported to be in the media. So you keep it to the right hand side there actually. We're getting word. It's two separate crashes now in that same spot there where the overturned vehicle is for 95 south out of 95. The left and center lanes are the ones that are blocked right now. Inside the O'Neill tunnel. Looks like we have some kind of breakdown or something going on at the right at the government center offering because traffic is jammed on the expressway getting into the tunnel, so from the second bridge Into the tunnel traffic slow going coming in from the north right now. Also dealing with some problems west of town. Another crash this one on for 95 as well. It is right in the Milford area for 95 north out by route 109. The crash has been moved over to the breakdown Lane. Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three days and now the WB Z four day AccuWeather forecast. Let's go Live to WBZ. AccuWeather, meteorologist in DeVore. All right, we're going to see a good amount of sunshine today..

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