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He's not going to be the same picture. Look at the money that the yankees are committing to him in the years. One if they're getting an average guys both to a great guy he needed these starts but he's got to continue on this path and i think that he will so get ready I know you're getting ready for the seattle crack expansion draft that's going to be big on your day Come come wednesday but You know the thing that you gotta get ready for is Nfl training camps. Some of them are opening this week and they got a thirty week. Two hundred and eighty five game schedule the longest season in nfl history. That's right at an extra game. And how many guys can make it through the entire season. We talk about injuries all the time in baseball and basketball and everything else. Two hundred eighty five game full on thirty weeks season for the nfl coming up. You know. I used to go to mankato minnesota. Every year for viking straining can't five years in a row. Did you like it wasn't every year it's just five years. Well every five straight years. Now i heard the steelers going until the trove is that right. After the first time. I believe in many many years decades so they and the cowboys will Will open camp early because they plan the hall of fame. Game then comes tampa bay because They'll play in the opening season game against the cowboys. And then everybody else. I believe opened on the twenty seventh teams opening on the twenty-seven football's right around the corner..

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