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If you don't think you can be in a situation like that, and we can have a discussion about who should be armed or not armed, but you had one job, and I don't feel bad, but should have been armed correctly, if he was going to have that. Against the guy with the military. But here's the thing. If you are trained for this situation you should know what you need to do. And to me, I just feel like you know, if you've been in this gig, you've been a sheriff's deputy for thirty years or years. You have some idea what happens here. You have some idea and you outside you weren't at doorways you weren't hold you want running in grabbing people. You know, you and again, the thing that I do know is, and it is why people always have to be careful when they say, this is what I would I would have done this, 'cause you don't you don't know and sometimes, you know, and it's a hard conversation to have because you want people who are supposedly trained to do then want them to do what they're supposed to do. But sometimes you discover it's not. You're not that it was. It's none it wasn't in wasn't in him. And that's why they're looking at all this time. It's so unfortunate. So many, you know, experts are saying, well, this is such an unusual case of a law enforcement officer being criminally liable for not protecting the public, that's because it's very unusual for a law enforcement officer, not to run towards the bullets. I'm sorry. He sat outside for forty five minutes and not only did he do that. He actually went other officers came back up, Kane told not to come in. Yeah. That is okay. Dereliction of dereliction of you again. I do reiterate that the guy inside had a weapon that could come up about guys. I had guys with guys that came were ready for them for whatever within that. Why didn't they? Because we told them not, not not to go in. They listened. Yeah. I just think when he knew that school Peter Wang, in particular, that story because he was those kids, all of those kids need. You oughta mazing amazing things lives cut short. And I understand because I don't know what I could have done. But I also don't know that if I. Join the police department. I don't know if I'd be mad at anybody who thought I was a coward, if I didn't do the job. I sat out to do I came into this job this, I said, I could do it thirty years. I've been doing it, but I haven't had remiss for me to not say wants to testing the number of massacres increased one hundred eighty three percent in the decade after assault weapon ban was lifted no cash, that's got to be dealt with this. This is the real tragedy of the situation. Let's not lose sight of also. But let's not lucite of all the kids that that died and I get that, too. Yes. But, you know, we saw in Virginia a guy had a not a six shoot at what are they called? Just a handgun with a silence on huge advocates. I mean they were believe one of time magazines year, so they're out in Bryant. Yes, there's other. I mean, I know that Kyle could shove is on on another side. But they have all become. Spokespeople and advocates for this very issue. And again, like I think that's great. I think they should be using their voices given their horrific experience. But I think.

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